ISC Solutions booth 1628 - 3VR released the latest version of its Video Intelligence Management System 7 (VIMS 7), as well as several new video analytic solutions for the retail industry and the X-Series enterprise server.

VIMS 7 enables users of 3VR’s Video Intelligence Platform™ (VIP) appliances to manage large amounts of video across the entire enterprise more efficiently. In addition, the system provides an open architecture for third-party partners to develop new services that quickly and easily integrate video surveillance systems with alarm panel, central station, staffing, merchandising, POS, access control and other business systems.

VIMS 7 provides one comprehensive view that allows users to search and manage all of their video and third-party data — such as point-of-sale (POS) or access control data — more efficiently, resulting in reduced investigation times, stronger compliance and better business decisions.

“Video surveillance has proliferated industry and government. However, most organizations only have a limited view of their enterprise, resulting in an inability to centrally manage or mine their video resources for information that would result in enhanced security, operational efficiency or customer service,” said Al Shipp, CEO of 3VR. “The latest VIMS release was designed with just one simple concept in mind:

Provide a solution that solves enterprise-wide physical security problems today but can also be utilized to provide actionable intelligence for their operations, marketing and merchandizing organizations to maximize the return on their video investments tomorrow.”

Key new features of VIMS 7 include: Enterprise Reporting, Enterprise Video Viewing, Video Wall, Metadata Integration, Similarity Rank Order Searching, Case Management, and Enhanced Search.

3VR’s VIMS 7 provides a platform for revenue-generating analytics. With VIMS 7, video investments can extend well beyond security operations where 3VR’s analytics such as object tracking, facial recognition, customer-not-present and license plate recognition have been widely adopted. 3VR partners and customers can use a wide range of advanced analytics that mine video for actionable data to make a wide variety of business decisions. With this recent announcement 3VR made several video analytic solutions available for the retail industry to include: Customer Counting, Dwell Time Analysis, and Queue Line Analysis.

Managing terabytes (TB) of video intelligence across an enterprise requires the power and performance of enterprise-class server. 3VR has added the X-Series to its S-Series and P-Series lineup of 3VR VIP appliances. Built on a true enterprise-class server and powered by the latest Intel i7 server class processor, the X-Series will support up to 64 cameras, 20 channels of analytics and up to 20 TB of internal storage.

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