Leadership in the industry includes recognizing trends like the convergence between logical and physical security, an area of innovation where Diebold Security leads the charge.

It’s been an honor every year since 2004 for SDM’s editors to select one company as our Systems Integrator of the Year. But with that honor comes responsibility — the responsibility of leadership. One of the distinguishing qualities SDM looks for in naming a Systems Integrator of the Year is having the courage to lead the industry through innovation.

In selecting Diebold Security as our 2011 Systems Integrator of the Year, one of the ways that innovation is delivered to the marketplace is through its Logical Security Services offering.

The industry talks about convergence and the need for systems integrators to provide more IT services similar to VARs. Yet, it’s rare to find a traditional physical security integrator that has taken on this category of service and is successful at selling and deploying it.

Diebold told SDM that, in addition to a full suite of security integration services, it also offers end-to-end logical security to protect organizations from ever-evolving threats to their data assets. It works with end users to identify the areas within their organizations that are most vulnerable and develop the solutions that will mitigate threats and stop breaches.

Diebold’s solutions include custom network, hardware and end user support services designed to protect organizations’ information-related assets, as well as the networks on which those assets reside.

According to Jeremy Brecher, Diebold’s vice president, Security Technology and Integration, Diebold introduced logical security solutions as part of its portfolio approximately five years ago.

“We cultivated this solution set because we know the protection of data assets is critical to the sustainability of business,” he said.

“Focusing on managed, monitoring, compliance and advisory services and software solutions, Diebold helps end users mitigate risk to data assets and align information security strategies with business objectives. We also help organizations ensure compliance with increasing regulatory requirements, such as those governed by Payment Card Industry (PCI), Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), to name a few — that guide the protection of consumer data and the assurance of privacy,” Brecher explained.

“As we look toward 2012, we believe awareness and the ever-evolving and highly sophisticated threat environment will continue to drive growth of logical security solutions,” he said.

Diebold’s pursuit of logical security to protect organizations underscore the philosophy at the forefront of everything Diebold undertakes. “Innovation Delivered” is not just a tagline at Diebold.

Kudos to Diebold for taking a leadership role in the industry by recognizing the convergence trend between physical security and logical security — one of many reasons this company was selected as SDM’s 2011 Systems Integrator of the Year. Read the full story.

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