Tuxedo_touchHoneywell’s 6280i Tuxedo Touch™ touchscreen highlights the growing trend of residential security systems to become increasingly intertwined with other home systems designed to help homeowners improve comfort while saving money. Tuxedo Touch™ allows homeowners to manage safety as well as energy costs by controlling window shades, locks, lighting, thermostats and security. The 6280i Tuxedo Touch will be launched later this year. “We’re seeing a new era of home security in which it’s no longer enough to have security kept apart from other home systems,” said Rob Puric, director of residential intrusion systems, Honeywell. “People want homes that make their lives easier, more comfortable and safer. New products like the Tuxedo Touch touchscreen were designed with that demand in mind and to give integrators smarter options for creating these connected homes.” The 6280i Tuxedo Touch touchscreen communicates with Z-Wave® protocol-enabled lighting systems, locks, shades and thermostats. A built-in Web server allows homeowners greater convenience by accessing and controlling the device using laptops, PCs, smartphones and mobile tablets without an app. For information, visit www.honeywell.com/security.