Dallas-based AT&T’s innovative connected car platform has the ability to connect to the company’s home security and automation service.  It makes AT&T Digital Life the first and only home management system currently integrated with AT&T Drive, reported the company in a press release. This will enable automakers to integrate home security and automation service and pass the benefit on to their customers, so they can manage their home from the Digital Life app through the dashboard control panel and voice recognition of their car.

AT&T Drive is the company’s connected car platform – a modular, global solution that lets automakers pick and choose what services and capabilities are important to them in order to make their solutions different from competitors.  From connectivity and billing solutions to data analytics and infotainment, AT&T Drive will allow automakers and developers to create innovative and customized connected car solutions. The integration means the Digital Life app can be accessed through the dashboard control panel or voice recognition of a participating connected car, linking customers to their automation and security features including, door locks, lighting, thermostat and the garage door.

“The integration of Digital Life into the Drive platform shows how by combining the car and home, we’re forward-thinking about the kinds of features consumers will come to expect from their cars,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things, AT&T Mobility, “We’re offering the best solutions by further mobilizing people’s lives.”

Consumers are increasingly aware of connected car options and they are eager to use them, reported the company. Half of drivers surveyed worldwide said they would switch to a comparable brand to get connected car services. Customers can experience the integration of Digital Life and AT&T Drive through an interactive demo at the AT&T Drive Studio, a first-of-its-kind connected car innovation center in Atlanta.

“Being able to access and manage your home from the car is an example of how we’re continuing to innovate and offer our customers unique and convenient ways to monitor their homes, protect their families and simplify their lives,” said Kevin Petersen, president, AT&T Digital Life. “Through this integration, we are also able to exemplify the value and opportunities this brings to industry leading companies we are collaborating with. By inviting third parties to be a part of the Digital Life ecosystem we are able to create a more flexible and enjoyable customer experience.”