SecureWatch24, New York, a provider of security, was recently invited to The White House to participate in a press conference regarding Intellectual Property Theft presided by the Honorable Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General of the United States. The press conference marked the launch of a new public service advertising campaign about how counterfeiting and intellectual property theft impact the national economy and result in losses of jobs. 

Holder underscored the Justice Department’s ongoing aggressive pursuit of all types of counterfeiting, including websites, designer clothing, illegal music downloads and prescription drugs, that have a detrimental effect on Americans. The event was hosted by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), which in partnership with the public and private sectors developed a new public service advertising campaign for 2012 under the tagline: “Counterfeits hurt. You have the power to stop them.” The ads will be seen in a variety of media, including social media, radio, television and print.

Representing SW24 at the event was Jay Stuck, vice president of sales and chief marketing officer, who previously served on the board of directors of the NCPC and currently is a member of the organization’s advisory board. Stuck said that SW24 was looking to partner with the NCPC in 2012 and was currently reviewing several program options in the New York City metropolitan area that could help reduce crime and raise awareness regarding crime prevention. For information regarding the new NCPC and Justice Department initiative, visit