The Security Industry Association (SIA) and the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) recently signed a memorandum of understanding to foster collaboration in addressing the unique security challenges facing stadiums, ballparks, arenas and similar facilities through the use of security technologies.
NCS4 has developed programs to ensure high levels of security at sporting events, while SIA’s members innovate, manufacture, install and integrate security technologies that can be a force multiplier for security personnel. Collaboration between NCS4 and SIA members that draws upon the expertise of security practitioners and the technical knowledge of equipment suppliers and integrators can help to provide additional protection to the hundreds of millions of people who visit stadiums, ballparks and arenas each year.
“SIA and NCS4 already have been collaborating in exchanging information and conducting joint webinars with the goal of enhancing the security of mass gatherings at sports events,” said SIA CEO Don Erickson. “We look forward to exploring more ways to address security requirements to protect participants and spectators at stadium events, including the development of educational programs and initiatives for the benefit of the members of both associations.”
NCS4 Director Lou Marciani said, “SIA, being the leading trade association for electronic and physical security solution providers, gives NCS4 the capability to collaborate on identifying current and new products and services that address the future industry needs.”
As part of their enhanced working relationship, SIA and NCS4 may hold a series of quarterly webinars, engage each organization’s directors and advisers through presentations, speak at each other’s events, promote each other’s activities and programs, publish articles in each other’s publications and develop vendor-neutral guidelines and best practices for stadium events.