Bosch IP camera

Bosch launched the FlexiDome 2X Day/Night IP camera with a 6–50 millimeter lens. The model is one of a few dome cameras to feature such a telephoto lens, providing outstanding depth-of-field and keeping more of the scene in focus, according to the company. Customers can recognize objects up close, such as a person walking through a doorway, and capture images of long indoor corridors or sidewalks alongside the exterior of a building. The camera features Bosch’s 2X-Dynamic Technology with 20-bit processing. The combination of 2X-Dynamic and wide dynamic range sensors enables the cameras to reveal more than is visible with the human eye alone, analyzing images pixel-by-pixel to produce a detailed view of scenes with difficult lighting. With Bosch Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) pre-installed and activated, events are flagged onscreen. The FlexiDome 2X day/night IP camera comes with local video storage in the form of a microSD card slot. Accepting up to 32 GB SD cards, it acts as an extra safeguard against loss of video in the event of a connection failure to the main recording site. All FlexiDome cameras feature a compact, high-impact rated, vandal-resistant housing. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the cameras are protected against water and dust to IP 66 or NEMA 4X standards.

Bosch Security Systems Inc.

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