Johnson Controls updated its Illustra Pro IP Mini-Domes in 2MP, 3MP and 5MP models with the optional Theia wide-angle lens for improved video analytics accuracy and a 9-22 mm outdoor telephoto lens with superior zoom capability. The Theia SL183A 1.8-3 mm outdoor camera allows users to capture critical details using Theia’s distortion-free linear optical technology. The lens delivers a consistent number of pixels to an image, thus improving the image quality and accuracy for video analytics, even at the edge of a scene. The 9-22 mm telephoto outdoor camera works in a variety of lighting conditions and is ideal for situations where the camera needs to be mounted farther from the main area of interest. The Pro IP Mini-Domes are also available with a standard 3-9 mm option. The 2MP/3MP/5MP Pro IP Mini-Domes offer a wealth of features, including VideoEdge TrickleStor technology, which allows the cameras to record video at the edge of the network, even when an outage occurs. The cameras will record to an SD card until the connection with the NVR resumes, at which point TrickleStor will transfer the video for a seamless viewing experience.
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