Napco StarLink GSM Universal Radio

Napco StarLink SLE-GSM is an economical, full-data backup or primary alarm communicator that universally works on any panel, anywhere, according to Napco Security Technologies Inc. At under $100, the StarLinkGSM Radio boasts universal, full event reporting from any panel using Contact ID or 4/2, reliably reporting to any central station without special equipment. Signal-Boost circuitry ensures the product works even in remote/fringe areas and optionally can be used with Napco Gemini Panels. The SLE-GSM uses one-step enrollment and has programming built in and ready for most jobs. The automatic dialer-capture technology eliminates Web setup. Some advanced options included are email/text/SMS messages alerts; low/no-current draw module; and remote panel arm/disarm (coming soon).

Napco Security Technologies Inc.