IP cameras

Speco Technologies launched eight IP cameras called OnSIP (Open Network Speco Internet Protocol). Four of the eight cameras feature 2.0-megapixel image resolution and advanced image compression technology. All of the cameras are dual codec (H.264 and MJPEG), offer two-way audio communications and are ONVIF compatible. Some of the OnSIP cameras feature multi-profile streaming, with up to four simultaneous video profiles, while others offer SD card storage for recording on the edge. A wall/ceiling mounting kit is included with each camera and the off-white camera housings blend into most application environments. All Speco Technology OnSIP cameras come with complimentary client management software to manage up to 64 channels. Speco also offers free mobile applications, which enable live IP camera video viewing on 3G/4G mobile devices, such as iPhone and Android.

Speco Technologies