Touchscreen controller

Honeywell released the Tuxedo Touch, a touch screen controller that combines security and lifestyle technology. With a full-color, 7-in. display, Tuxedo Touch uses a built-in controller that communicates with devices such as thermostats, lighting controls, shades and locks via the Z-Wave communications protocol. Additionally, a built-in Web server gives users the ability to control the system using Wi-Fi-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Internet TVs, regardless of operating system. The system can be programmed to set back thermostats or close shades when a homeowner leaves for the day. Business owners can program the controller to engage various lighting, locking and HVAC systems upon disarming the security when opening a store. In addition, Tuxedo Touch allows users to view local weather information, upload digital photos and videos, simultaneously view streaming feeds from up to four IP video cameras, and create and display messages. The device also is compatible with Honeywell’s Total Connect remote interactive service.