VMC1_enewsThe VMC1 video security intercom from Linear LLC combines intercom, live video and basic home control, giving homeowners multiple communication and security features in one package. Ideal for medium- to large-sized homes and smaller commercial businesses, the intercom and accessories offer integrated video security, which allows users to view up to three color video camera stations inside and out from the master unit, any TV screen, or via a snapshot or video signal sent to a smart phone or computer monitor. Users also can turn lights on or off remotely or automatically; see when doors are left open; remotely close a garage door; or activate an alarm system panic alert. With its intercom capabilities, the system enables users to speak to a single room, a group of rooms or the whole house (up to 20 rooms). One or more rooms also can be monitored or kept private. In addition, the VMC1 uses three-inch, 16 ohm speakers for music and entertainment.  An AM/FM radio is integral to the system, with inputs for an MP3 player.

For information, visit www.linearcorp.com