LightPointe, a manufacturer of point-to-point Gigabit capacity wireless FSO bridges,  announced a new division to serve the security, military and government sectors. The new division is called AirePointe™, which builds on the company's fifteen years of experience within the enterprise and telecom carrier market for wireless outdoor bridges, and expands LightPointe's footprint into the high growth market which includes military theater of operations connectivity, backhaul of security surveillance video feeds, emergency response wireless infrastructure, failsafe networks and 4G/LTE public safety networks. The new AirePointe division will also serve the needs of municipality, state and federal government agencies requiring secure wireless Gigabit Ethernet building connectivity.

“The launch of our new AirePointe Security and Government Solutions Division builds on our success in the enterprise and carrier point-to-point wireless market,” said Heinz Willebrand, president and CEO for LightPointe. “With recent revenues in our core carrier and enterprise business increasing due to new products and enhanced distribution, we believe the time is right to take the next step in growth and also invest in the video security and government sector, which is a similar yet very unique niche within the outdoor wireless industry. Customers have told us for years that our products, which can deliver data or IP video via pinpoint laser beams or 60 GHz and 70/80 GHz millimeter wave transmissions, provide the best signal security possible for highly sensitive applications. And with the industry's lowest priced Gigabit capacity bridges and advanced e-band radios having gained worldwide acceptance with many enterprise and carrier customers, leveraging our product line for the security sector will broaden our customer base and provide our current channel partners with even more opportunities. The AirePointe division will provide such customers with enhanced products, application assistance, and partner access in the security sector. This strategy also enables our core parent company, LightPointe, to increase its focus on the telecom carrier small cell backhaul market and traditional outdoor wireless distribution channels and marketing, which vary considerably from the security sector.”