Clouducation from Brivo

Cloud computing certainly is generating a lot of buzz around the security industry these days. But to many, the concept — and more importantly its applications to security — aren’t well-defined. Brivo, a provider of cloud solutions, set out to clear some of that confusion with a brief, four-minute animated video. The video explores what a cloud solution really is, what it really does, how it relates to physical security and the advantages an end user can expect. To watch the video, visit


Apps Enhance Mobility  for Next Level Platforms

Next Level released NextMobile, a mobile application that allows users to view and manage video on supported mobile devices. Next Level’s new mobile app enables users to establish a secure connection to their NLSS Gateway platform or Next Level RMS to monitor live video streams on supported mobile devices. Customers who leverage mobile capabilities through Next Level RMS can access video transport controls, play recorded video and open specific access points, such as doors. The app is currently available for Apple and Android devices.


Social Media Security Monitoring

Bold Technology has a new Social Media Monitoring software module that allows dealer customers to monitor Twitter and Facebook activity for malicious, dangerous or brand-related content, using ranked search request and Geo-Fencing.

The Social Media Module delivers alarms and signals into Manitou, Bold’s central station automation software, with relevant information based on the parameters set. As with traditional alarms into Manitou, the alarms generated from the Social Media Monitoring software enter the system and operators are given an action pattern to follow, such as a list of contacts to call. Additionally, the module can respond to any alarm situation by posting on Twitter, which can then be used for mass notification.


App Update & Training Webinars

Speco Technologies launched version 2.1.2 of its iPhone and iPad Speco Mobile app. This latest update includes new features such as 2-way audio communications, use of swipe gestures to control PTZ movements, a navigation bar available when viewing in landscape mode, and ability to view both analog and IP cameras when connected to a PS or GS model DVR.

Speco developed a series of webinars titled, “Get Ready with Eddie,” for users to learn more about this and other apps. The webinar schedule is available at