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New No. 1 Global CCTV Vendor Navigates Culturally Diverse Customers

VingCard Elsafe & Lutron Collaborate on a Solution for the Hotel Industry


Aiphone & Cornell Communications Strike Distribution Partnership

New Course from NTC:  Water-Based Inspection and Testing


New Service Allows Remote Control of Alarm Systems over Cellular

Customizable Platform Brings Intelligence to the Door for Advanced Access Control Systems


ISG Chooses Ingersoll Rand as Its Partner of the Year


Surveillance Camera Receives red dot Award


Tri-Ed / Northern Video Announces IP Tech  Tour Trainings



New No. 1 Global CCTV Vendor Navigates Culturally Diverse Customers

When IMS Research, Wellingborough, England, released its report “The World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment — 2012 Edition,” the company listed as the No. 1 global vendor of CCTV and video surveillance equipment in 2011 was a new one: Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. The company moved up from No. 4 on the list last year to claim the No. 1 spot. Additionally, for the third consecutive year, Hikvision remained the No.1 worldwide supplier of DVR products, while in the camera category Hikvision is the No. 4 global manufacturer for all surveillance cameras.

SDM spoke with Oliver Zhang, vice president of Hikvision USA, and Bob Germain, product leader for Hikvision USA, about the company’s move up to the No. 1 position and its focus for the future.

“We are very excited to receive this No. 1 ranking. There are many factors in our success,” Zhang told SDM. “Economic growth over the past 20 years in China, plus the continued needs for security globally have impacted Hikvision’s growth.

“On the product side, our company has been IP-focused from the very beginning. Our first DVR was network only. Our IP offerings help us meet the market’s growing demands for that product type.

“On the operations side, first and foremost we are a research and development (R&D) company. That R&D focus keeps us agile — identifying technologies and the different directions those technologies are moving,” Zhang shared.

Hikvision started in 2001 with 28 initial engineers from a research institute for computer science. From that time on until today the company has always put 7 percent back into R&D. That department has grown from those 28 initial people to more than 7,000 employees with 2,000 engineers today.

In addition to a heavy R&D focus, Hikvision intentionally focuses on the specific needs and cultures of the countries it serves.

Hikvision employs thousands of sales engineers who understand the technology and talk to our customers daily about what they need. That feedback goes straight to R&D. Hikvision’s president, Yangzhong Hu, mentioned the other day that a company can survive as long as it keeps very close to the market. If for some reason it forgets the market, the market will forget the company,” Zhang said.

Every country Hikvision designs products for has different technological and cultural demands, Germain explained.

“There are different needs and expectations for what should be included in a product or emphasized,” Germain told SDM. “For example, on the technical side, the U.S. market is very particular about how things install and reducing the cost of installation. That is because the U.S. market is a mature market with high labor costs, making ease-of-use a critical feature,” Germain said. “Installers want to save time in hook-up and have products power up automatically. However, China is an emerging market and labor costs are low. There, people don’t mind having technicians do the set up. There is a mentality that it is what they are paid to do,” Germain explained.

Beyond the technology differences, there are cultural differences as well.

According to Zhang, “In emerging markets people don’t mind spending time doing research. We’ve noticed Russian engineers like a challenge with highly technical features. Yet in the United States, basic features that quickly, reliably work for installers are most important and they don’t want to be slowed down by anything else. In China if you put a lot of extra features in, people feel there is more value even if they don’t use the features,” Zhang described. 

Regional branches help the company stay in touch its customers and their technological and cultural differences. Headquarters in Hangzhou, China, Hikvision also has overseas branch offices in Los Angeles covering the Americas; Amsterdam covering Europe; Dubai for the Middle East; joint ventures in India and Russia; a maintenance center in Hong Kong and a new office in Italy to further penetrate into the local market.

“We work to hire local engineers who understand the culture and that market’s overall mentality for security and security products. We form basic product models and then work to customize them into regionally targeted offerings that provide what the different customers are looking for,” Zhang said.

In the future, Hikvision will be focused on doing more of the same.

“Moving forward, we’re working to stay ahead of market needs. We’re also continuing to listen very carefully to the voice of the market and stay sensitive to the cultures of our customers across the globe,” Zhang promised.

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VingCard Elsafe & Lutron Collaborate on a Solution for the Hotel Industry

VingCard Elsafe, a global company that specializes in hospitality security and part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, announced an integrated product solution with Lutron Electronics, designer and manufacturer of light and shade control solutions for commercial and residential applications.

Through this collaboration, VingCard Elsafe and Lutron have developed a total guest room control solution package for luxury hotels, which integrates Lutron’s premier lighting, drapery and shade control modules with VingCard Elsafe’s award-winning Orion energy management system, as well as guest room door locks, electronic safes and mini-bars. Using this solution, hotels can provide their guests with total in-room comfort and increase energy efficiency with the option to:

•          automatically turn lights on, adjust shades, and adjust the temperature when the room becomes occupied, and

•          automatically turn lights off, adjust shades, and set back the temperature when the room is vacant.

Hotels can expect to experience a 20 percent to 30 percent reduction in energy expenditures through the combined savings produced by light and temperature controls in unoccupied rooms, according to a statement issued by the companies. The combined worldwide network will support all international standards, and provide a local presence to manage projects, commission and maintain service agreements.

An integral component of the combined room control solution is VingCard Elsafe’s Orion system, which is comprised of wireless digital thermostats, occupancy sensors, door position interfaces, remote server software and a comprehensive dashboard reporting interface. The dashboard provides an overview of guest room electronic systems, including occupancy status, locks, safes, lighting and total energy consumption. Orion automatically assumes control of ambient temperature when rooms are unoccupied, never allowing them to become too warm or too cold.

Upon guests’ return, the system automatically resumes the preset temperature settings. Orion interfaces with the hotel’s property management system to pre-condition the room upon guest check-in and automatically engage enhanced energy savings mode upon checkout. According to initial data gathered from existing installations of the Orion system, cumulative energy cost savings provide a quick ROI and increased year-after-year savings for hoteliers, according to the companies.

Lutron’s in-room light and shade controls provide additional energy savings, as well as enhance guest comfort and provide total control of the environment. A user-friendly wireless Lutron Pico® remote offers convenient bedside control, allowing guests to manually control multiple functions, such as adjusting lighting scenes to time of day and mood, and opening and closing motorized draperies and shades. A wall-mounted Lutron seeTouch® keypad also will be available.

The Lutron in-room control solution, called EnergiSavr Nodeä, is a simple, programmable module for controlling light and saving energy. EnergiSavr Node modules can connect to wired or wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors and wall controls. This phase-adaptive solution offers the flexibility of controlling all load types, making it an ideal solution for guest rooms, in which multiple light sources are often used.

Together, the Orion and EnergiSavr Node systems will provide a complete guest experience, the companies stated. The VingCard Elsafe-Lutron solution can be installed as a standalone system, through a property’s existing wireless network or connected via VISIONLINE by VingCard. Through seamless integration with the property management systems, hotel staff can determine room status, manage all connected devices within the room, create comprehensive reports and schedule preventative maintenance, thereby maximizing operational efficiency.

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Aiphone & Cornell Communications Strike Distribution Partnership

Aiphone Corp., Bellevue, Wash., announced a new distribution partnership with Milwaukee-based Cornell Communications Inc., a provider of emergency call systems. Under the new agreement, Cornell Communications will be the primary and preferred distributor for both the Aiphone NHX-Nurse Call System and the IS Series Rescue Assistance System.

“We’re pleased to name Cornell Communications as the primary and preferred distributor of the Aiphone IS Series Rescue Assistance System and NHX-Nurse Call System,” said Brad Kamcheff, senior marketing specialist for Aiphone Corp. “Entering into this partnership will better address the application and sales of these comprehensive systems via Cornell’s extensive, nationwide installation network.”

The rescue assistance component of the broad IS Series IP Video Intercom System addresses the emergency and safety demands of personnel, residents, guests and students in a variety of campus and public arena applications. The component is offered in free-standing or wall-mounted weather-resistant enclosures, and provides a convenient method to alert to and respond to any scale of impacting emergency.

The Aiphone NHX-Nurse Call System offers two-way voice communications between staff and retirement living residents and provides an easy-to-use nurse call system to accommodate various assisted and independent living center applications.

“Aiphone has developed two dynamic, technologically sophisticated security systems with the IS Series Rescue Assistance and NHX-Nurse Call Systems. We’re proud to be able to readily provide these reliable, streamlined communications systems to a broad network of applications,” said JJ Johnson, CEO and owner of Cornell Communications Inc.

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New Course from NTC:  Water-Based Inspection and Testing

National Training Center (NTC) announced a new course offering, “Water-Based Inspection and Testing.” The course is designed for the sprinkler inspection and testing professional.

It covers certification procedures and requirements, testing strategies, NFPA 25, and other suggested references for the NICET exam. Additionally students will learn system design requirements and the specific subjects for certification testing.

This is a practical applications-based training course. The information covered in this training directly applies to everyday work in the industry. This course provides students with in-depth information on code compliance and proven standard practices for the industry. Those who attend this training will be better prepared to meet the professional challenges of the fire sprinkler industry.

Students will receive a copy of NFPA 25 (Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems) and the NTC Black Book (Water-Based Inspection and Testing Certification Guide). These reference books are critical to the NICET test preparation process and make the testing process much easier, allowing the student to achieve his certification goals faster. Visit NTC’s website for more details at or call 702-648-8899.



New Service Allows Remote Control of Alarm Systems over Cellular

Uplink announced the launch of Uplink Remote, a new service that provides alarm systems using Uplink cellular communications the capability to remotely control an alarm system through the use of Uplink services and a free Uplink application from the iTunes App Store for iPhones or from Google Marketplace for Android smartphones or by using a computer connected to the Internet.

Uplink Remote will allow alarm system users to remotely view the armed status of the system, and to arm and disarm the system. The service can send emails and text messages of alarm events to users, display 60 days of event history and save the history to a file. Encrypted communications and password protection is utilized to ensure the safety and reliability of the service.

“We are committed to the regular introduction of new services to expand system features and value for the alarm’s owner as well as to increase monthly revenue for alarm dealers. Uplink Remote is another example of how we have responded to the needs of the industry and requests of alarm companies to provide this service,” said Mike Boyle, general manager of Uplink.

Uplink Remote is a service that can be added to new installations or to the systems already equipped with Uplink cellular communicators. Adding Uplink Remote to a system can be accomplished with a small amount of wiring and programming on alarm systems with any Uplink communicator with a key switch zone and programmable output.

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Customizable Platform Brings Intelligence to the Door for Advanced Access Control Systems

HID Global®, Irvine, Calif., announced the production release of its next generation EDGE EVO and VertX EVO™ controller platform, which the company said brings intelligence and decision-making to the door for advanced and highly customizable networked access control solutions.

EDGE EVO and VertX EVO offer an open and scalable development platform for the deployment of a wide range of access control functionality, including remote management options, real-time monitoring, report generation and a powerful custom rules engine that enables the use of the system hardware for complimentary applications, according to HID Global. Protecting the hardware investments of end user organizations, the new platform provides the most extensive access control architecture that delivers enhanced security features and superior performance with versatile installation and future upgrade options, the company reported.

“HID Global’s EDGE EVO and VertX EVO controller platform, including a Developer Tool Kit with OPIN application programming interface (API), offers expanded capacity and higher performance, demonstrating our commitment to providing open solutions based on direct feedback from our partners,” said John Fenske, vice president of product marketing with HID Global. “The state-of-art features in our next generation IP-enabled platform emphasize HID Global’s dedication to driving market innovation to efficiently manage identities for access control while also ensuring our customers optimize their Genuine HID investment.”

The scalability of the EDGE EVO and VertX EVO controller platform enables a comprehensive range of future access control functions that are interoperable with wireless locks and deliver enhanced security, such as implementations of highly advanced access rules, keypad door commands and large-scale anti-passback.  Additionally, VertX EVO controllers operate within the company’s Trusted Identity Platform® (TIP™).  These components will enable this version and future revisions of the controller platform to operate with fully trusted connections from host to controller to reader, substantially increasing security options for access control systems of the future.

EDGE EVO and VertX EVO platform components include:

•          EDGE EVO controllers, reader/controllers and IO modules that enable higher security with an on-board encrypted Hi-O communication bus. EDGE EVO also broadens its worldwide usability of networked access control solutions with the addition of 12/24VDC lock support, mounting options and plug-and-play IO modules that extend IO at and behind the door.

•          VertX EVO V1000 controller and the V2000 controller/reader interface solutions that expand cardholder capacity, decrease door transaction time and increase door uptime, while offering 100 percent plug-in compatibility with existing HID Global access control systems and associated V100, V200 and V300 downstream devices.

•          A comprehensive Developer Tool Kit (DTK) for developing to OPIN API when migrating from first-generation EDGE and VertX or for new development using the latest platform. The DTK is equipped pre-wired EDGE EVO controller, VertX EVO V1000 and VertX interface boards and IO switchboard, as well as a full set of documentation.

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ISG Chooses Ingersoll Rand as Its Partner of the Year

Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Carmel, Ind., was presented the 2011 Partner of the Year Award from Identification Systems Group (ISG), a nationwide network of local integrators in identification, security and card personalization, at the ISG annual spring meeting held in April in Albuquerque. In September 2008, ISG partnered with Ingersoll Rand to deliver innovative printing, personalization, enrollment and issuance products. The partnership paired innovative smartcard technology from Ingersoll Rand’s XceedID with the expert network of ISG Members in North America, stated a press release issued by the companies.

“We are honored to be voted by the members of ISG to be their Partner of the Year,” said Erik Wagner, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies national account manager, credential sales. “Paired with ISG’s expansive network of members, we’re able to offer this open smartcard solution on a much larger scale. This award represents our commitment with ISG to help offer flexible, open credential solutions.”

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Erik Wagner, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies national account manager-credentials, holds the Partner of the Year Award for 2011 presented by Identification Systems Group (ISG) while Angela Williams, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies inside salesperson for XceedID OEM and strategic accounts, shows off the Million Dollar Club Award.


Surveillance Camera Receives red dot Award

For its innovative product design, the Dinion HD 1080p Day/Night surveillance camera from Bosch Security Systems Inc. was honored with the “red dot award.” This is one of the world’s largest and most renowned design competitions, Bosch related, which this year attracted more than 14,000 submissions from 58 countries — 4,515 products alone in the product design category, according to Bosch. Following the announcement of the prizes, the award-winning products are put on display in the red dot design museum and bear the red dot logo for the remainder of their life cycles.

The winning design boasts a completely new casing to accommodate the sophisticated, HD-optimized technology inside, the company stated.

“When monitoring colorful scenes with a large amount of activity, it is essential that you can see every last detail in terms of both safety and security. Our professional HD cameras let you do exactly this — a fact that has earned us our leading position in the surveillance camera market,” said Cheryl Bard, product marketing manager for Bosch.

The red dot recognition of the Dinion HD 1080p reflects the Bosch brand values of advanced technology and design. Together with their professional look and feel, the cameras are manufactured with the utmost attention to detail, Bosch said, adding that the Dinion HD 1080p delivers the same standards of performance and reliability in any security and surveillance scenario, day or night.

Last year, the Dinion HD 1080p won the GOOD DESIGN award, which Bosch described as one of the world’s oldest and most recognized programs for design excellence. Recently, the camera also won the MTP Gold Medal Award, one of the most prestigious prizes awarded by the organizers of trade fairs in Poland and central Europe, according to Bosch.

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Tri-Ed / Northern Video Announces IP Tech  Tour Trainings

Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution continues to offer its North American IP Video Technology Tour to support dealers and integrators seeking to migrate and compete successfully in the growing IP arena. The free, one-day training events are held in Tri-Ed / Northern Video branch locations across the country.

These comprehensive IP trainings, led by Jeff Stout, director of National Integrator Sales, and Mike Leary, network product specialist, cover technical topics such as video resolution, illumination, Ethernet transmission, surge suppression, recording platforms, types of networks, and storage.

Tech Tour dates for the third and fourth quarters of 2012 have been announced and are as follows:


Aug. 2 — Charlotte, N.C. (704-523-8855)

Aug. 7 — Chicago, Ill. (847-357-8309)

Aug. 28 — Union City, Calif. (510-487-1731)

Aug. 30 — Sacramento, Calif. (916-563-7560)

Sept. 11 — Riverside, Calif. (951-781-2300)

Sept. 13 — Garden Grove, Calif. (714-265-4000)

Oct. 8 — Boston, Mass. (617-412-2520)

Oct. 9 — Seattle, Wash. (253-395-3930)

Oct. 10 — Milford, Conn. (203-878-8870)

Oct. 11 — Portland, Ore. (503-644-0874)

Oct. 23 — Denver, Colo. (303-733-8600)

Oct. 25 — Las Vegas, Nev. (702-227-6636)

Nov. 13 — Phoenix, Ariz. (602-470-9170)

Nov. 15 — Burbank, Calif. (800-546-8774)


Tri-Ed / Northern Video Distribution said it is translating IP into “infinite possibilities” for dealers and integrators. In addition to offering them an extensive line card of IP products, Tri-Ed / Northern Video’s free IP trainings have educated more than 3,000 customers thus far and are helping ensure their success in this exploding sector, the distributor said. “Our IP trainings are meeting a critical need for our customers and enabling them to compete in the IP arena,” Stout commented.

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AES Corporation ( announced that its AES-IntelliNet 7788F-C series Fire subscriber, 7705i-C central station receiver, and its 7170-C MultiNet transceiver have earned the Canadian ULC listing as a “Fire Communicator for use with Network and Cellular communication paths” — “CAN/ULC S561-03 Installation And Services For Fire Signal Receiving Centres And Systems.”

In addition, the same products have earned ULC-S304 — Passive Level 3 for burglar alarm communications. These new listings allow fire alarm control panels and burglar alarm panels to use AES-IntelliNet transmitters and receivers as the primary means to communicate alarm, system trouble, AC trouble, battery trouble, and ground fault issues to the central receiving station for immediate dispatch.

“ULC approval means that dealers will no longer have to subscribe to and maintain two expensive dedicated Digital Voice Access Control System (DVAC) telephone lines or cellular communicators. Our AES-IntelliNet 7788 subscriber will assume primary communications method with a single DVAC line for backup purposes, saving end-users hundreds of dollars per year,” said AES-IntelliNet U.S./Canada General Manager Tom Kenty.


DMP released a white paper titled, “All-in-One Versus Distributed (Conventional) Security Systems.” The theme of the white paper is that when selecting home electronics, appliances and equipment, many consumers are attracted to the simplicity of devices that combine several functions in one. They prefer the simplicity of the Swiss Army Knife approach of a single tool or piece of equipment rather than several pieces of equipment, according to DMP. The white paper may be downloaded at


All video servers sold by BCDVideo ( will ship standard with a five-year on-site next-business-day warranty from HP. The warranty is standard on all BCD180V, BCD360V8, BCD380V8, BCDV350P, BCD420V, and all direct-attached and iSCSI storage devices. BCDvideo video servers are covered worldwide by HP on-site service. Warranties are upgradeable to 24x7x4 and 24x7x6-hour levels.

“By speaking with video integrators throughout the world, one constant was that the integrator was committed to the project for five years,” stated Tom Larson, director of Global Accounts for BCDVideo. “Access control and recording servers are a central point within that project, so it seemed only reasonable to have the servers covered for the duration of that commitment.” 


Winsted Corp. ( introduced Winsted Equipment Layout Software version 3.7.5. WELS allows users to easily create console designs and room layouts using Winsted’s products. This user-friendly tool provides full 3D design, parts lists, the ability to create specification sheets, and can export AutoCAD DWG files for 2D and 3D application, the company said. The update is available for download at 


DMP reported that as of May 21, 2012, all XT30/XT50 Series and XTL panels are being manufactured with Version 111 (5/2/12) software. As of July 9, DMP stated that inventory for the XT30/XT50 Series and XTL panels will be updated to Version 111.

Features include:

•          false alarm question default

•          remote disarm

Updated operation:

•          time update processing

Free software updates are available at