Linear_LDCLinear LLC, Carlsbad LLC, a provider of residential and commercial access control, emergency response and wireless security solutions, announced the availability of its new Battery Backup Unit (BBU), an easy-to-mount accessory that enhances Linear's already popular ultra-quiet LDCO800 DC-powered garage door operator by providing emergency power.

Severe weather is the most common cause of power outages. Wind, hailstorms, snow and flooding are the greatest current threat to a home's power supply, and when the power goes out, the reassurance of having a garage door that opens so we can avoid the elements makes the minimal investment of a battery backup worthwhile.

The BBU's compact design allows it to mount easily within the LDCO800 enclosure, preserving the attractive appearance of the DC operator, while continuing to grant the peace of mind, safety and security needed in the event of a power failure. Depending on when the garage door is first opened following a power outage, the BBU can continue to provide power to the LDCO800 for up to 24 hours.

Linear also announced that LDCO800 garage door operators now automatically ship pre-configured and ready for the BBU upgrade. The new operators will include an updated control board (part number HAE00061) that is ready for immediate plug and play installation of the BBU. The HAE00061 control board works with and provides BBU compatibility for all previous generations of LDCO800 garage door operators, making it a great retrofit option.

“Power outages are inconvenient enough without losing access to the garage,” said Gary Baker, vice president of marketing for Linear. “Our new battery backup unit ensures garage doors remain functional at the most critical time, when the power goes out, also giving Linear dealers a valuable add-on accessory that benefits their customers.”

Linear is proud to offer an extensive line of AC and DC powered garage door operators, all available with interchangeable chain or belt drive rails that can also be converted to an I-beam rail.

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