Social media monitoring software

Bold Technologies’ Social Media Monitoring software module allows dealers to offer customers a way to monitor Twitter and Facebook activity for malicious, dangerous or brand-related content, using ranked search request and geo-fencing. The module delivers alarms and signals into Manitou, Bold’s central station automation software, with all the relevant information based on the parameters set. As with traditional alarms in Manitou, the alarms generated from the Social Media Monitoring software enter the system and operators are given an action pattern to follow, such as a list of contacts to call. With the module, schools can monitor for words related to bullying within the geographic area of the school or monitor for combined words such as bomb and gun. Each keyword or combination of words can be graded, and depending on the parameters, they can be escalated accordingly to the type of alarm and how it should be handled. Using geo-fencing, locations can range from a city block to a neighborhood, city, county, country or even several countries. Additionally, the module can respond to any alarm situation by posting on Twitter, which can be used for mass notification.

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