the AXIS M30 Series of IP cameras


Axis Communications announced the AXIS M30 Series of IP cameras, including AXIS M3004 with up to HDTV 720p and 1 MP resolution and AXIS M3005 with up to HDTV 1080 p. The cameras are made up of 4-in. by 2-in. HDTV-quality indoor fixed mini domes for surveillance in retail stores, hotels, schools, banks and offices. The palm-sized, dust-resistant AXIS M30 cameras are designed for quick and flexible installation, and optional colored skins for the casing are available to enable the cameras to blend in with the customer’s environment. With a 3-axis lens, installers can mount the cameras on walls or ceilings and adjust the camera direction and image angle. AXIS M3004 and AXIS M3005 offer horizontal viewing angles of 80 deg. and 118 deg., respectively. The cameras come pre-focused for the integrator to shorten installation time, and optional lenses are available for different angles of view.

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