Illustra 600 series mini-domes

American Dynamics, part of Tyco Security Products, launched its Illustra 600 Series of high-definition (HD) IP cameras. The Illustra 600 series mini-domes have free auto-configuration software included with the cameras, along with hands-free, remote auto-focus and zoom capability. Facial detection capability automatically detects faces in a live scene and improves the image quality around the face, while conserving bandwidth in the rest of the scene. The auto-focus feature allows users to control the image and automatically focus on the area required without having to go to the site of the camera, stand on a ladder or open the housing of the camera. In addition, the outdoor camera has a Theia wide-angle lens option that provides clear views and avoids barrel-distortion, especially at the farther angles of an image where events can take place. The Illustra 600 cameras are compatible with American Dynamics VideoEdge NVR v4.01, HDVR, and are ONVIF-compliant.

American Dynamics