Protection 1, Romeoville, Ill., partnered with I-View Now to enable cloud-based video services.  The integration of the I-View Now technology enables receipt of alarm video — both pre- and post-alarm — in Protection 1’s security automation system by alarm center agents, as well as simultaneous delivery to customer mobile devices and event storage on the customer’s eSuiteweb-based account.

“Verified response is a rapidly increasing requirement due to budget and manpower constraints of the authorities we depend on to respond to alarms,” said Don Young, chief information officer at Protection 1.  “The solution from I-View Now gives us a mechanism to efficiently receive and process the alarms while distributing and storing the associated video through the cloud for subscription by our customers.  The ability to do all of these things with one platform is what attracted us to the I-View Now offering.”

Larry Folsom, I-View Now president, said, “The work we have accomplished through our partnership with Protection 1 helps to deliver events in real time to Protection 1’s central station and to their tech savvy end users.  We are pleased to help Protection 1 further their reputation of customer service excellence with state-of-the-art video services.”

Protection 1 previewed their new I-View Now enabled video capabilities at ASIS in Philadelphia. 

“We were able to show customers and prospects how they could immediately retrieve video associated with alarm activity at their sites in their eSuite portal,” Young said. “Our customers loved the ease of retrieval and the power of actual site video to tell the story of an event.”

Protection 1 believes the I-View Now solution helps position the compannym to adapt as more and more jurisdictions move to verified response policies.  Protection 1 is a member of the Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR), an organization whose goal is to increase criminal apprehensions through the use of video verified alarms. 

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