HD Network Cameras  for Harsh ConditionsMoog Videolarm developed a line of high-definition (HD) network cameras called the EXO Series to withstand contaminants, chemicals, corrosion, bullets, impacts, flammable gases and dust. The EXO Series pan-tilt-zoom camera systems are designed to full 1080p video resolution. Each model’s electronic hardware is hardened to prevent, for example, food-processing debris, sea air or heavy vibration from affecting the camera’s video quality or network connections. The electronics inside each EXO Series camera are designed to NEMA TS2 operating temperature ranges of -58 deg. F to 165 deg. F. The six models of the EXO Series HD network cameras are Anti-Corrosive; Bullet Resistant; Explosion Proof; Impact Resistant; Pressurization; and Surface Mount. Each model is compatible with any ONVIF-compliant video management software. Depending on the model, Moog will construct the camera’s enclosure of IK10-rated polycarbonate plastic, 316 stainless steel, or cast aluminum.

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