Code Blue CorporationGuardlyCode Blue Corporation, Holland, Mich., recently reported that it entered into a partnership with Canada-based Guardly Corp., a company that has an established mobile safety and security platform and set of mobile applications for commercial public safety uses. This partnership will allow Code Blue to enhance its incident initiation and response solutions.

Code Blue said it will become the first provider of blue light emergency phones to include mobile applications into its integrated suite of products that can be used to report emergencies and engage in two-way communication with emergency response personnel.

Code Blue cited a Ball State University study, which reportedly found that 69 percent of college students currently use smartphones, and that number is projected to reach 90 percent by 2014. Code Blue said it wants to provide its customers and their students with the ability to make “smarter” calls for help from those devices, adding that Guardly’s technology will enable these key advances in mobile alerting and communication.

Guardly offers a mobile safety solution called Safe Campus™ that provides campus law enforcement and emergency response personnel with a rich management interface to monitor, manage and respond to emergencies within campus boundaries. The system provides real-time situational intelligence data such as caller location, caller identification and profile information including allergies, medical conditions, medications and a summary of previous incidents linked to an incoming caller’s profile. Safe Campus™ also has a mobile app for users to quickly alert, send vital information to, and communicate with local emergency response teams.

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