3VR has integrated its Video Intelligence Platform with Veridocs’ identity authentication and compliance solution. This enables 3VR customers to associate video events with the use of fraudulent identification documents. Veridocs, which identifies fraudulent documents by scanning and cross-referencing against security features present in authentic IDs, is currently deployed across a range of industries such as retail, telecom, hospitality, public safety and gaming. When integrated into Veridocs, 3VR’s Video Intelligence Platform can receive live, near-instantaneous alerts whenever Veridocs detects fake or altered documents, enabling businesses, particularly those in industries with significant reputational, financial or regulatory risks, to better prevent fraud before or as it happens. For example, if a customer presents a fake ID to a bank teller to deposit a check, the 3VR – Veridocs integration can quickly notify the security team, enabling the bank to stop the transaction before a potential crime can occur.

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