Luxul Xen XAP-1050Luxul introduced a wireless bridge client designed to simplify some of the common challenges associated with installing an IP security camera in remote locations. The IP-66 outdoor rated Luxul Xen XAP-1050 allows for the use of any power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled IP camera at extended distances from the network source. The XAP-1050 provides 30 W of PoE power directly to any PoE-enabled device. This allows the installer to run a single Ethernet cable from the XAP-1050 to the IP camera, delivering both data and power and eliminating the need for a separate power run. Implementing Luxul’s Xen3DTM technology, the XAP-1050 enhances high data throughput coverage by as much as 400 percent over traditional Wi-Fi gear, allowing for longer distance coverage and consistently higher data rates, according to the company. When paired with a Luxul Xen XAP-1040, it is capable of delivering data rates sufficient to support streaming of video and voice data originating from megapixel IP cameras at distances of up to 10 km.

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