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Your Foundation for Growth:  Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Since 1978, COPS Monitoring has been known for delivering high-quality, third party monitoring services to independent alarm dealers and their subscribers. In an industry flush with acquisitions, we continue to expand and focus on properly serving our customers.

Our ongoing commitment to reinvest in our employees, central stations, and dealer base has made COPS Monitoring one of the largest independent wholesale central stations in the industry. We are UL, FM, and IQ listed and have central stations located in NJ, FL, AZ, TN, TX, and MD servicing over 3,500 alarm dealers who represent nearly 800,000 subscribers nationwide.

COPS Monitoring operates on the leading edge of technology and our capabilities exceed UL-827 standards. Our exclusive Generations software runs on five redundant mainframe computers, we use diverse telephone and IP technology and carriers, and we have built-in redundancy and load balancing capabilities between sites.

We support leading IP-based, cellular, radio, video, and two-way voice solutions as well as other services such as GPS tracking, TeleMax (our 24/7 dealer messaging center), Subscriber Billing, text messaging, and false alarm reduction programs.

Our powerful Dealer and Subscriber secure internet access programs, MPower and MPower Me (mobile edition), are among the very best in the industry. Our subscriber access version can be private-labeled to look and feel like an alarm dealer’s web site.

COPS Monitoring is committed to the alarm industry and we diligently search for ways to help our dealers grow because we realize our future success depends squarely on their prosperity.