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DoorKing, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative products for the access control industry. We manufacture a variety of PC programmable Telephone Entry and Multi-Door Card Access Systems, Telephone Intercom Systems, High Security MicroPLUS™ RF Transmitters and Receivers and Digital Keypads. We introduced wireless voice, data and video options to our residential entry systems in 2012. Our product offerings also include a complete line of Magnetic and Electric locks, Proximity Card Readers and a variety of access control accessories. Our vehicular access control products include Slide, Swing and Barrier gate operators, Maximum Security slide gate operators, standard traffic control spikes and automated traffic control spike systems. We also offer solar powered residential gate operator systems.

For areas requiring a higher degree of perimeter control, such as airports, military installations, industrial sites, sea ports, infrastructure facilities (chemical, electrical, water treatment plants, etc.), security starts right at the front gate. DoorKing’s maximum security gate operators are equipped with special features that help to insure that the perimeter gate system is secured as quickly as possible. The partial open feature on these operators provides a method to allow automobile traffic through the gate system without having to open the gate to its full open position – an important feature especially on longer gates. In addition, the anti-tail gating feature will close the gate as soon as traffic has cleared the gate system, regardless if the gate has reached its full open position or not.


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