The Mobile Website Alternative

One trend in website redesign that is not always easy to execute is the mobile device-friendly website. More and more, end users are turning to smartphones and tablets to quickly find information. As much work as a dealer puts into detailed menus and eye-catching graphics, it’s a different game when the website is viewed on a 4-in. screen without a mouse. Forest Security Systems’ new website has a desktop version, with videos and a photo slideshow embedded on the homepage, a simple-yet-comprehensive navigation bar and a useful comparative chart that outlines its services. The features might be hard to use on a web-enabled phone Forest so developed a mobile version that is simple and practical. The company name, logo and phone number are featured prominently. The navigation bar is replaced by icons that lead to the homepage, one-touch call and email shortcuts and a bookmark link for quick access to the company.





Web Redesign:  Not Just About Graphics

At a time when your partners and competitors are hurrying to launch their Web 2.0s, the differentiator may be not just changing your website’s look, but adding features. AES-IntelliNet launched a completely redesigned website, improving navigation and providing quicker access to key information. The site now has integrated single customer log-in to access its portal and technical support knowledgebase. Its expanded offering now includes the new AES Interactive Services SiteLink24®, next-generation, low-cost, full-data-subscriber 7650-EP and ULC listed products 7705i-C, 7170-C, 7788F-C. The site is also now enabled for multi-language support. AES added marketing resources for re-branding literature customized for its customers’ marketing efforts. AES is also working on adding a new Dealer Forum to its website for exchanging ideas, questions, and comments.





Mobile Account Management

NationWide Digital, Freeport, N.Y., introduced MASmobile, an app that gives its alarm dealers access to their accounts on-the-go, using an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The MASmobile App provides an instant link to the MASterMind database, where customer accounts are stored via a layer of secure web services. MASmobile allows dealers to view account information in real-time and perform system tests with speed and efficiency.






StarLink App for iOS & Android

Napco Security Technologies Inc.’s app for its popular StarLink SLE-GSM Universal Radio, “My Home Starlink” App, can now be downloaded for iPhone/iPad or Droid smart devices, free from iTunes, Android Market or Google Play. The StarLink application enables arming and disarming of the user’s security system via the StarLink Radio with the touch of a central button on any iPhone/IPad or Droid. Napco made this remote service option available to its dealers to enhance their offerings, accounts’ satisfaction and retention, the company said.