Joe Ligouri inbodyMicro Key Solutions, Kissimmee, Fla., a provider of world-class software solutions for the security alarm industry, announced that Joe Ligouri was promoted to chief operating officer as well as chief financial officer.  Ligouri joined Micro Key in 2007 as the operations manager and has been in charge of the day-to-day operations, overseeing the company’s financials, human resources, as well as serving as the vendor liaison.

In his new role as COO/CFO, Ligouri will be directly involved with Micro Key’s economic strategy, financial forecasting and improving the company’s overall performance moving forward.  Along with these responsibilities, he will still manage the budgeting and high level administration efforts to ensure that the customer, employee and organizational requirements are being met.

“Joe has been a vital part of Micro Key for the past six years, his dedication is unmatched and I am confident he will bring this same effort to these new positions,” said Micro Key president, Victoria Ferro.

Ligouri stated, “This is great honor to receive this promotion and I will continue to guide Micro Key Solutions in a positive direction for our customers and our staff.”