Victoria Ferro

Ferro recounted the “firsts” that Micro Key has brought to the security alarm industry and stated that, under her leadership, this tradition will continue. 

Micro Key Solutions, Kissimmee, Fla., a provider of software solutions for the security alarm industry, announced that Victoria Ferro was promoted to president and that Wayne Torrens, past president, will be taking on the role of chief executive officer.

Micro Key made the announcement live through it new webcam on Oct. 14. Torrens stated that, “Victoria Ferro has been running the company these last few months and has shown that she is more than capable of meeting this new challenge. She has exhibited the passion and desire to grow this company while displaying her innate ability to work as a team leader, and is someone with creative ideas for taking this company to the next level while continuing to meet the needs of the industry.”

Torrens then explained, “I am going to remain with the company as chief executive officer overseeing our growth and working with our customers to come up with new applications, software enhancements and features to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the industry. I started this company with a vision and a view into the future and, in this new capacity, will continue to look into the future to address the needs of alarm dealers and central stations and work with our development team to ensure our solutions remain number one in the industry.” Torrens then turned the microphone over to Ferro.

Wayne Torrens

Torrens explained he will be the company’s new CEO and will focus on overseeing the company’s growth and working with its development team.

Ferro began by saying, “It is an honor to be entrusted with the task of running and growing [Wayne’s] lifelong professional legacy. I want you and all our valued customers to know that under my leadership, Micro Key will continue to adhere to the same core values of providing innovative technology and superior customer service to the security alarm industry. That is a promise.”

In closing, she stated, “The biggest challenge I face this year, that I will overcome, is finally busting the myth that Micro Key is only for small companies or small central stations. The truth is that Micro Key has been the best kept secret in the Security Alarm Industry for 27 years. We can service small alarm companies, large alarm companies, small central stations and large central stations. In fact, we are the only software provider in the industry that not only has a complete, back office management and central station solution but that is truly scalable to any business size.”

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