The new Partnership for Priority Video Alarm Response (PPVAR) is pleased to announce that Anthony Canale, vice president of Verisk Crime Analytics, has joined its board of directors. Verisk Crime Analytics, a unit of Verisk Analytics, supports law enforcement with crime-related analytical tools that bridge the gap between the public and private sectors to provide value for the industries they serve. 

“Our involvement with PPVAR fits with the mission of Verisk Crime Analytics to use data and analytical tools to support public safety operations and to help our clients reduce the economic impact of crime,” said Anthony Canale. 

Verisk Crime Analytics owns and operates national crime databases that provide services to the construction, retail, transportation, manufacturing, and insurance industries.

Verisk is the parent company of ISO (Insurance Services Organization). ISO is responsible for analyzing community risk mitigation for underwriters and affect the insurance rates of every community in the United States. This service is a determining factor in how much a community pays for property insurance based upon the fire risk assigned to the community by ISO.  The better the community fire protection, the lower the insurance for the citizens.

Ideally, video verified alarms and priority response would be included in the community risk mitigation calculation for property crime, PPVAR said.

 “The economic downturn has put public safety budgets under pressure while increasing the motivation for certain property crimes,” explained David Shillingford, president of Verisk Crime Analytics. “It’s therefore imperative that private industry become better at collaborating and sharing data with the public sector and creating analytical crime prevention methods. PPVAR is a great example of this new breed of public-private partnerships.”