Bold Technologies, Colorado Springs, Colo., joined the Partnership for Priority Video Alarm Response (PPVAR) as a bronze associate member.

Established in 2012, the PPVAR includes representatives from law enforcement, the electronic security industry, and the insurance industry. The focus of the PPVAR is to promote education on the value of video to verify alarm activity during the dispatch process; resulting in lowered false alarms and increased apprehension rates for burglar alarm customers.

Bold Technologies is the first central station and PSIM software provider to join the organization. “We are a long-time proponent of video verification and we have strong partnerships with many of the leading video verification companies”, said Rod Coles, president and chief executive officer of Bold Technologies. “The PPVAR has become a recognized voice for promoting the benefits of video verification; they are providing important educational resources and are building effective partnerships. We are pleased to join an organization fostering this kind of value.”

Donald Young, president of PPVAR and chief information officer at Protection1, commented, “I am excited to have Bold Technologies become our first PSIM provider to join PPVAR and look forward to leveraging their technical expertise in the delivery of the video to all stakeholders.” Young continued, “Rod and I have agreed for years that video verification of alarms was inevitable and he has made significant investments to prepare for this. It’s great to finally work side by side with him to help educate our members on what technologies are available or being developed from his peer group to enhance the video verification response by automation system providers now and in the future.”

The PPVAR is working to provide training to insurance underwriters, loss control professionals, law enforcement and alarm dealers through webinars, regional seminars, and training sessions. During the 2013 CSAA International Annual Meeting held in October, PPVAR leadership met with CSAA members to discuss the groups merging and collectively working together. The PPVAR is also compiling “best practices” for loss control professionals to maximize risk reduction using video alarms in conjunction with priority response. For information, visit