Video Mount Products, Stevensville, Md., a provider of mounting solutions for the A/V, communications, and security industries, teamed with Autodesk to provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) content for many of its products.

“BIM technology and acceptance has grown significantly over the past several years,” said Keith Fulmer, president of Video Mount Products. “The addition of BIM content to the AutoDesk Seek repository is not just another tool in the toolbox, but a viable solution supporting the architectural, engineering, and contracting communities.”

In addition to being hosted on AutoDesk Seek, the content will also be available through InfoComm iQ as well as available for download at the website. More than 30 BIM models are currently available for VMP products, including models for flat-panel mounts, equipment racks, projector mounts, and non-penetrating roof mounts.


Traditional building design has been largely reliant upon two-dimensional drawings such as plans and elevations, whereas BIM extends this beyond 3D to a virtual 5D platform by enhancing the three primary spatial dimensions (width, height and depth) with time as the fourth dimension and cost as the fifth — making the use of BIM a crucial factor for design, implementation, and sustainability with equal importance placed upon manpower and profitability, the company explained.


“BIM allows all the necessary elements to be integrated into a project during its initial planning stages and flow through to proposed future development, before a hammer or nail are ever used in the project,” Fulmer continued.


For more information or to access VMP’s BIM models, visit AutoDesk Seek, InfoComm iQ, the Video Mount Products website,, or call 877-281-2169.