Two weeks following its acquisition of approximately 24,000 monitoring subscriber accounts from Utah-based Pinnacle Security, SAFE Security, San Ramon, Calif., announced that it expanded its dealer program, SAFE Dealer Network, which includes a $10,000 bonus for new dealers who sign up with SAFE by the end of the 2013 ISC.

Paul Sargenti, president and chief executive officer of SAFESecurity, said, “The SAFE Dealer Network launched last April has been growing steadily, creating consistent revenue stream for SAFE and Dealers alike, and allowing expansion to accommodate dealers in the continental United States. This organic growth is as important to SAFE as are the bulk acquisitions of accounts, and we are intent on keeping the program very active.”

He added, “We have grown to a solid national footprint as a full service alarm company, and are able to present dealers with funding consistency with long term financial backing.”

Chancy Pray, SAFE director of national sales, commented, “The success of our dealer program has a lot to do with how efficient we are with our processes. We have streamlined our application review and approval process, and offer immediate and daily funding.

“Our offering is most competitive and we have developed an extremely generous volume-based $10,000 reward incentive program from now until the last day of ISC West 2013 in Las Vegas,” Pray said.

Pray further commented, “In addition to our dealer program, we have all the elements in place to present any services a dealer would need to grow, a bulk acquisition program of partial or entire account bases, wholesale monitoring for those dealers who want to keep accounts they produce, and subscriber billing services. Backed by marketing support, training resources, and an assurance of expert subscriber management, we have a uniquely well-rounded program we feel no other alarm company can offer. We are a great revenue channel for dealers who want to work with a company with a reputation for integrity in the industry.”

Sargenti said, “Along with building infrastructure, we have maintained a reputation as a solid, reliable funding partner and have positioned SAFE as a full service alarm company to dealers and subscribers alike. We have capital sources that will help us maintain the stability for which we are known, and a very experienced and committed management team that fosters an environment of growth for dealers.”