FLIR Systems, Wilsonville, Ore., a supplier of thermal imaging technology, acquired Lorex Technology, and its subsidiary company Digimerge Technologies for $1.32 per share, representing an aggregate purchase price of $60 million.

“From FLIR’s perspective, Digimerge brings to FLIR a high-quality professional video security product line including analog and IP cameras and recorders,” said Bill Klink, vice president Security & Surveillance, FLIR Commercial Systems Inc. “FLIR Thermal cameras are primarily used for outdoor perimeter security applications, and almost every project for thermal cameras also requires a significant number of visible light cameras as well.  The combination of Digimerge’s video products with FLIR’s existing range of thermal security cameras creates a complete video security product line giving our integrators and distributors a comprehensive, end-to-end, video security solution. There are several other areas of synergy between FLIR and Digimerge including complementary distribution and channel structures and future product development, manufacturing processes and integration.”

FLIR branded products will soon be introduced through Digimerge’s well-established network of major security distributor partners, and will quickly grow to include a full line of affordable DVRs, analog cameras, NVRs and IP cameras. FLIR will also integrate its thermal imaging technology into a new line of ultra low-cost cameras that will enable distribution channel customers to realize the advantages of thermal video.

Wayne Hurd, executive vice president of Digimerge, added, “The Digimerge brand will gradually migrate over to FLIR brand through a process that makes sense; ensuring we don’t cause confusion in the marketplace.”

FLIR plans to migrate its technology into the Digimerge product range, “although not by altering existing models,” Klink said. “The existing product lines of FLIR and Digimerge will be combined giving all of our customers access to our full range of solutions. Beyond that, new products will be developed that take advantage of the strengths and benefits available through utilization of both visible and thermal imaging.”

As far as Digimerge’s existing customers, Klink noted that Digimerge’s management structure will “remain intact” to ensure a smooth transition for the companies’ distributors and channel partners, “and no disruption in product delivery or customer service.”