IC Realtime has joined The Verizon Partner program, which the company cays will allow certified dealers and integrators to share in brand new recurring revenue streams. 

One of the new products developed for this relationship is IC Realtime’s solar-powered IP-video based wild hog trap solution, which helps the State of Tennessee save time and money by harnessing the power of Verizon’s nationwide cellular network in the most remote areas of the state. Previously, wildlife officers would have to wait for the hogs to get into the trap. With the IC Realtime solution, email alerts are sent directly to the officers, who then us IC Realtime’s ICRSS mobile app to trigger a relay and drop the gate.

These systems are customizable and can be designed to work in virtually any environment and for any application, and can be a powerful tool for dealers and integrators to use to build new RMR streams from existing customers by providing our backup internet packages into any existing IC Realtime DVR/ NVR/IP Camera systems.

They have the ability to monitor themselves and automatically send out system health status reports such as solar power wattage, battery voltage, charging capacity and temperature.

IC Realtime and Verizon Wireless offer 4G LTE-connected solutions nationwide for remote video monitoring for mission-critical locations, where 24/7 connectivity needs to be guaranteed. For example:

  • On-demand HD video monitoring from anywhere with your smartphone or computer
  • Real-time status alerts with uptime monitoring and motion detection
  • The systems require no wires, no mainline power, and no hardline Internet
  • Dual Connectivity for your projects with high-speed cellular Verizon 4G LTE Internet
  • iVAULT secure cloud-based storage crucial for evidentiary video clips and personal documents and data       
  • Remote command and control over machinery and equipment in real time
  • Automatic device health status for predictive maintenance and upkeep of remote machinery and equipment
  • Back-up DVR systems with built-in redundancy to integrate into existing analog legacy systems
  • The ability to place live cameras anywhere there is existing cellular connectivity, with feather-light batteries