entrowatchAddressing emerging requirements in the commercial security market, DAQ Electronics, Piscataway, N.J., released EntroWatch, a PoE/PoE+ native BACnet® access control system that enables integration with security and building management. EntroWatch’s native BACnet protocol enables facility managers and building owners to establish granular, occupancy-based energy management through its interoperability with BACnet compliant HVAC, lighting controls, and other building systems.

The system’s PoE/PoE+ capability reduces the need for dedicated power supplies and unnecessary energy consumption. At the same time, the EntroStar controller draws only 2.6 watts of power at idle and only 3.2 watts with all four on-board relays energized. The use of an open protocol allows users to maximize the operating efficiency of their systems resulting in increased security, occupant comfort, and reduced operating costs.

 For information, visit www.daq.net