Leadership, Preparation & Definition Key to Security’s Future 

The International Security Conference & Exposition (ISC West) held at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas on April 9 to 12, was bigger than ever with a 10.2 percent attendance increase and an expanded show floor that welcomed roughly 180 new exhibitors. There were plenty of new buzzwords traveling the show floor: mobility, 4K, cloud, and more. But one overwhelming trend was the aspiration of attendees to learn from vendors and peers in order to meet the challenges of the years to come as technology and a recovering economy promise to change the security industry.

Preparation was the main theme of ISC West’s State of the Industry keynote, as panelists offered insights and opinions on risk mitigation, security’s place in the business process and preparing the next generation of security industry leaders.

Moderator Bob Hayes of the Security Executive Council led the hour-long discussion that focused on the Security 2020 leadership movement — a highly collaborative, cross-functional enterprise risk management strategy.

One of the biggest challenges security practitioners face today is the “prove your worth” mindset many executives have toward facing security and risk management, Hayes said.

“Management expects security to run as a business and think strategically at the director level,” he said. And proving oneself is about more than just looking at the most recent financial report, said Francis D’Addario of Strategic Influence and Innovation. We’re not looking at quarterly earnings, but what can we do to help the next generation year-over-year. If we’re not, we’re missing the point,” he said.

Phil Aronson of Aronson Security Group said that’s something his organization and others have been working to achieve for several years.

“Ten years ago, we identified that security needed to do that, and people looked at us like, ‘You’re crazy,’” he said. “It’s not unusual anymore. Security needs to be at the table and needs to be strategic.”

The best way to earn a seat at the table? Get yourself some first-hand experience in the business, said Timothy Rigg of Duke Energy, adding that his own endeavor turned out to be a very valuable 18 months. “There’s a greater expectation now for security leaders to know the business they’re supporting,” he said.

That experience is helpful in designing solutions that address clients’ needs, which in turn demonstrates that value to the business, Aronson added.

With that seat at the table comes the responsibility to understand who, exactly, owns risk. The answer, Rigg said, is simple: “The business. They have the exposure, the decision and the authority, and frankly, somebody in the organization has the ability to decide the level of risk,” he said. “There can be a disparity between what I see as a risk and what their priorities are. So at the end of the day, they own it. We can’t sign checks from a security and risk mitigation perspective, but they can.”

That raises the question of how much risk is acceptable to the business because, if we’re being honest, it’s impossible to mitigate 100 percent of risk, D’Addario said. “Security is no Nirvana. We’re always going to be assailable by dedicated assailants who have the resources and the ingenuity, so you have to address that,” he said.

Once a particular risk has passed, don’t be afraid to talk about it with management. Dwelling solely on successes doesn’t do anyone any favors said Jeffrey Woodard from Global Real Estate Group. “It’s important to provide the honest feedback that’s crucial to success, but also any failures because failures contribute to organizational learning,” he said.

In terms of preparing the next generation of leaders, education will play a major role not only in preparing and defining those leaders, but in how security is perceived within an organization. That education, however, doesn’t necessarily need to be security-specific, Rigg said.

“If you’re going to get advanced degree, get a business degree,” he added. “If you can’t speak the language of business executives, you’re already set up for failure in the long run.”

Aronson agreed that formal education will be a big factor, but that there still has to be more to it than that.

“Collective knowledge and collaboration, that’s where it starts through organizations like this [ISC West], organizations like ASIS, and we have great conversation events,” he said. “There are also going to be more schools, universities and masters programs around security and risk. We’re also going to see more MBAs as security people because they have to run security as a business. But the biggest thing is collective knowledge.”

Emerging factors like IP, IT and a drive to create a broader middle class around the world are going to drive companies into broader emerging markets, where they may face more risk than they do today, which makes preparation — sooner, rather than later — crucial, Rigg said.

“How do we prepare for that today? If we wait until 2020, we’re too late,” he said. “People expect us to bring the risks to them and tell them how we’re going to mitigate them. That strategy starts today because proactive, strategic security is the way of the future.” — By Derek Rice, SDM Contributing Writer


ADT Exec Goes ‘Undercover’

The popular CBS show “Undercover Boss” crossed paths with the security industry on April 12 when America watched Tony Wells, ADT’s chief marketing officer, go incognito to work shoulder-to-shoulder with employees at ADT operations in Florida, New York, California and Tennessee.

During the experiment, Wells donned a false beard and makeup to work as an installer, monitoring center dispatcher and salesman. Because he’s been with the company less than a year, Wells is one of ADT’s less-recognizable execs, which made the undercover experiment a bit easier.


ASG Security’s $270 Million Loan Facility

CapitalSource, a commercial lender to small- and mid-sized businesses, closed a $20 million increase to its revolving credit facility with ASG Security. The company plans to utilize the additional capacity to continue executing on its growth plans over the next several years.

Based in Beltsville, Md., ASG offers residential and commercial security solutions and services throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic region, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The company has more than 170,000 customers.

ASG now has a $270 million line of credit. CapitalSource and the existing lenders were joined by Capital One Bank, TD Bank and Bank of Oklahoma as part of this increase.

“It’s important for us to have knowledgeable and experienced lenders who understand our space, which is why we have partnered with CapitalSource since 2004,” said ASG CEO Joe Nuccio.

“There was strong demand from the lending community to join the ASG loan facility as demonstrated by the fact that the increase was substantially over-subscribed,” said Will Schmidt, managing director for CapitalSource Security Lending Group. “This was not a surprise given the company’s strong performance, excellent management team and the favorable lending environment.”

ASG CFO Ralph Masino added, “The $270 million revolving credit facility, along with the ability to add an additional $30 million if needed in the future, provides us the flexibility to pursue larger acquisition opportunities. We appreciate the ongoing support from CapitalSource and our other debt partners.”

The CapitalSource Security Lending Group works with middle-market companies across multiple verticals and provides a broad range of products to address the complex challenges of the security industry. It specializes in providing innovative debt facilities to companies who protect life, property, information and the U.S. homeland.


Innovative Security Design Takes  Best New Product Award

The Lynx from Innovative Security Design took the top honor in the Security Industry Association’s 2013 New Product Showcase (NPS), winning the Best New Product Award.

Described as the world’s first edge computing platform for video surveillance to run Microsoft Embedded Windows, Lynx is not only a camera, but also a computing platform that integrates the Microsoft technology stack. Lynx delivers HD megapixel multi-streaming 1080p 30FPS broadcast-quality video encased in a fully integrated IP66-rated dome enclosure.

The Judges’ Choice Award went to 3M Cogent for its MiY-Touch indoor biometric touchscreen, one of the fastest, lightest and most compact access control readers in its class.

“Each year, the companies competing in SIA’s New Product Showcase at ISC West present the leading-edge security solutions that are shaping the industry,” said SIA CEO Don Erickson. “These new technologies and solutions are the drivers that are moving the security industry forward, and I congratulate Innovative Security Design and 3M Cogent on their wins at this year’s NPS.”

This year’s NPS program had 84 entries from 66 companies. In addition to the Best New Product and Judges’ Choice honors, awards were presented in 21 product and service categories. NPS judges also presented seven honorable mention awards.


Police Chief Supports  Video Verification

During one of the ISC West education sessions on April 10, Chief Steve Dye of Grand Prairie, Texas, described the city’s experiences and higher arrest rates after putting in place a new policy to give priority 1 response to intrusion alarms that are verified by video.


AIREF Golf Classic  Tops $1 Million Raised

The 10th annual Alarm Industry Research and Educational Foundation (AIREF) Golf Classic was held April 9 at ISC West — and was supported by a record number of golfers. Under blue skies, with windy conditions, 127 players participated in the event.

Players were divided into two tiers. Tier One low gross went to the Monitronics team of Mike Halslip, Travis Miller, Ernest Celedon and Curtis Kindred, who put up a net score of 48. Runner-up honors went to the VideoInsight team of Robert Shaw, Chris Quayle, Lindsey Cornelle and Jeff Ivy, who came in with a net score of 51.

Tier Two low gross honors went to the Alliance Capital team of Kelly Bond, Jason Grelle, Kaiyan Chen and Joe Chambers, with a net score of 55. Runners-up were the Vector Security team of Vince DiValerio, Mike Grady, Rick Simpson and John Madden with a score of 55.

The event has raised more than $1 million for the foundation during the last decade.


DMP Hosts Owners Forum

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), Springfield, Mo., held its second full-day Owners Forum in conjunction with ISC West on April 9 at the Wynn in Las Vegas. The day was filled with varied presentations: from Alan Kruglak, principal and founder of Genesis Security Systems, discussing the benefits of service contracts and how to price and sell them (pictured) — to cyber security — to a two-part session from Dr. Robert Rhohm on how to distinguish personality types to improve productivity and communications.


Moog Rebrands, Launches Harsh Environment Cameras at ISC West

Moog Videolarm and Moog Quickset, which specialize in designing and manufacturing high-performance sensor and surveillance systems, are undergoing re-branding as one “Moog” organization. Moog stated it wanted its branding to reflect it is one company collaborating to bring an array of advanced security technologies to commercial, industrial and military markets.

At the show, the company offered the opportunity to be among the first to check out its new EXO HD cameras for harsh environments. The EXO Thermal/Visible Imaging System for 24/7 surveillance and EXO pressurized (fixed) cameras for contamination-proof surveillance were launched at ISC West. Other EXO line camera systems on display included the corrosion, bullet, and vandal-resistant models, as well as explosion proof and pressurized PTZ systems.


SIA & ASIS Sign MOU Supporting Collaboration

Senior leadership of ASIS International (ASIS) and the Security Industry Association (SIA) formally announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on April 11, 2013 at ISC West.

The objective of the MOU is to promote collaboration and information sharing between the two leading security industry associations, which represent security management professionals and electronic and physical security solution providers.

The overarching goals of the agreement are to foster growth of the security industry, promote public safety, and protect critical infrastructure globally. Among the issues that may be addressed by the two associations are: privacy concerns over the use of security technologies; the development of an educated security workforce; voluntary consensus standards; and the availability of federal and state financial resources for the protection of critical infrastructure during a time of fiscal austerity.

“A key strategic SIA goal is to increase our collaboration with organizations within the security industry toward the common goal of protecting critical infrastructure around the globe,” explained SIA chief executive officer Don Erickson. “Combining the expertise of technology leaders from the supplier community within SIA with the vision of leading security practitioners from ASIS will help shape the future direction of the homeland security industry. We can do more working together to achieve our common objectives in the fields of education, government relations, research and standards than we can do on our own.”


Mission 500 Security 5/2K Race Raises $90,000

Mission 500, a charitable organization engaging security professionals to sponsor children in need through the World Vision organization, raised more than $90,000 at the fourth Security 5/2K Mission 500 Charity Run at ISC West in Las Vegas. Proceeds from the April 11 event will sponsor more than 240 children for a full year — providing food, water, education, healthcare and most importantly, hope. Event proceeds brought the number of sponsored children to over 500.

A record 667 runners and walkers registered for the event, and more than 520 participated. Registrants hailed from 15 countries and 40 states. First place overall female runner was Juli Morse (21:06) of Portland, Ore., and first place overall male runner was James Goddard (18:40) of Fishers, Ind. The Security 5/2K event also featured its second 2K walk and over 125 people signed up to participate.

Aided by LRG Marketing Communications, Mission 500 continued its integrated marketing campaign that began in January 2013, aimed at increasing its child sponsorships and promoting wider Security 5/2K participation. For the second time, Mission 500’s media partners joined in offering their support in the form of more than $250,000 US in print and electronic media placements to support this important cause.

More than 260 participants in the Security 5/2K set up fundraising websites which added more than $30,000 to proceeds from the event. Mike Perkins of Anixter was the top individual fundraiser with $3,796, which actually totaled $7,592 since his employer matched donations made by employees. Jesse and Nicole Foglio followed with $2,350 in donations, and Bob McKee with $1,685. Mike Perkins will participate in a trip to a World Vision project in Tanzania later this year, and the Foglios won a trip to Mexico.


Mission 500 Security 5/2K Race Raises $90,000

Mission 500, a charitable organization engaging security professionals to sponsor children in need through the World Vision organization, raised more than $90,000 at the fourth Security 5/2K Mission 500 Charity Run at ISC West in Las Vegas. Proceeds from the April 11 event will sponsor more than 240 children for a full year — providing food, water, education, healthcare and most importantly, hope. Event proceeds brought the number of sponsored children to over 500.

A record 667 runners and walkers registered for the event, and more than 520 participated. Registrants hailed from 15 countries and 40 states. First place overall female runner was Juli Morse (21:06) of Portland, Ore., and first place overall male runner was James Goddard (18:40) of Fishers, Ind. The Security 5/2K event also featured its second 2K walk and over 125 people signed up to participate.

Aided by LRG Marketing Communications, Mission 500 continued its integrated marketing campaign that began in January 2013, aimed at increasing its child sponsorships and promoting wider Security 5/2K participation. For the second time, Mission 500’s media partners joined in offering their support in the form of more than $250,000 US in print and electronic media placements to support this important cause.

More than 260 participants in the Security 5/2K set up fundraising websites which added more than $30,000 to proceeds from the event. Mike Perkins of Anixter was the top individual fundraiser with $3,796, which actually totaled $7,592 since his employer matched donations made by employees. Jesse and Nicole Foglio followed with $2,350 in donations, and Bob McKee with $1,685. Mike Perkins will participate in a trip to a World Vision project in Tanzania later this year, and the Foglios won a trip to Mexico.


Motorola Invests in BriefCam

Motorola Solutions Inc., through its strategic investment arm Motorola Solutions Venture Capital, announced its investment in BriefCam. The funds will be used to expand BriefCam’s worldwide marketing and sales activities.

BriefCam fulfills the need to browse video, investigate and identify incidents rapidly, and take action. Its award-winning video synopsis technology gives users the ability to review rapidly, compacting hours of events into a “brief” that takes minutes to view. The company’s customers include police, military, border control and other Homeland Security agencies, as well as security operations at municipalities, transportation authorities, building and campus security offices, retail loss prevention and more.

This investment is Motorola Solutions’ second in the Israeli market and third in the surveillance video space since 2011.

“We have been looking into various companies in the Israeli hi-tech industry, specifically in the area of public safety technologies,” said Boaz Or-Shraga, managing director, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital. “We were happy to find a great investment like BriefCam to expand our exposure in the growing video space. The substantial growth in the amount of surveillance videos created each year provides new opportunities for public safety and other industries, and we’re glad to seize such an opportunity.”


Guardian Packs a Valuable Punch With Its Dealer Conference

Members of the Guardian Protection Dealer Program enjoyed “two for the price of one” when visiting Las Vegas this April: ISC West and the annual Guardian Authorized Dealer Conference, which was conveniently (and intentionally) scheduled to occur at the end of ISC West, allowing dealers to double the value of their time and money spent traveling. It is just one small example of the thought and support Guardian Protection Services Inc., Warrendale, Pa., uses to value-pack its authorized dealer program.

 “Having this conference here in Las Vegas, with Guardian allowing us to come without the double expense right on the back end of ISC West, which we all wanted to attend, was an efficient way to bring everyone together and get extra value from our time and travel,” Guardian Authorized Dealer Rich Cheek, vice president, OnGuard Security Solutions, Fishers, Ind., told SDM’s Senior Editor Heather Klotz-Young, who attended the event.

 “That’s just one value of many. Every year, we benefit from this event — with the chance to learn from each other and discover what is working well and gain from education and new services or benefits,” Cheek shared.

 The convention, this year themed “Knockout the Competition,” consisted of three days of activities hosted by Guardian Protection Services at the Wynn, Las Vegas. Special forums with Guardian Protection Services’ senior management, educational and manufacturers’ sessions, dealer panels, an evening at Wynn’s LaCave Wine and Food Hideaway, and golf all culminated with a “red carpet” sales awards banquet, where dealers were saluted by way of videos, music and center-stage spotlight as they were presented trophies recognizing various business achievements ranging from sales volume, to selling price, to low attrition. In total, thirteen awards were presented, including a vacation for two to a luxury destination of the winner’s choice.

“Our dealers work hard. We love having the opportunity to recognize and reward them for their efforts,” Russ Cersosimo, chief executive officer, Guardian Protection Services, said.

Guardian Protection Services “upped the ante” for next year in the evening’s finale when a surprise comedy skit featuring the “Blues Brothers” Cersosimo and company President Joe Colosimo revealed a $25,000 cash giveaway that will occur at the 2014convention.

“I think it is wonderful to give the dealers such a great incentive. For each sale, you get one entry for the $25,000 and what better way to increase your odds of winning! It lights the competitive fire under each dealer to really push the envelope and maximize sales by the next dealer convention,” said Randi Elrad, owner and vice president of sales, Crime Prevention Security Systems, Gainesville, Fla.

While there’s a focus on maximizing sales, Guardian Protection Services’ thoughtful approach to growth — paired with a customer service focus — is what caught Cheek’s attention

“The more time I spent on the East Coast and the more I kept coming into contact with Guardian customers and staff, the more I was amazed at their quality and integrity. Really it was their attitude of not growing really fast and sacrificing customer service — doing it well and allowing growth to happen naturally instead of forcing it — that stood out to me,” Cheek described. 

Guardian Protection Services’ Authorized Dealer Program has been, and will continue to be, a key component of Guardian’s overall business model. According to Cersosimo, Guardian’s long track record of success was built on Guardian’s ability to stay closely involved with its dealers. Guardian’s philosophy is to listen and respond to the needs of its dealers. For example, DART (a proprietary Web-based service that allows Guardian’s authorized dealers to quickly upload documents and be paid electronically) and STORM (a Web-based service that shows dealers all of their customer service requests and service tickets) were both developed in response to the need to streamline operational processes.

 “A lot of the process enhancements we have implemented each year are a direct reflection of what we talked about last year at the previous year’s dealer convention. We talk to our dealers — and then act with their best interests in mind,” Cersosimo shared.

For information visit www.guardianprotection.com/become-a-dealer.


AXIS Talks Cameras,  Collaboration and Creation

“No one wants a camera.” Or so said Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications, at the company’s breakfast event during ISC West. “People want a safer environment, a safer office or retail establishment or school. How do we know a camera is the best way to provide it? The guard market is 10 times bigger than the security video market. Law enforcement is probably 20 to 30 times bigger. So do we really need cameras out there?”

Pretty bold words from someone who’s in the business of selling cameras. What followed was a game show-styled presentation called “Are You Smarter than a Security Camera?” that pitted humans against cameras in a number of categories. The game creatively highlighted some features of Axis cameras that allow them to be “smarter” than humans, such as low-light performance, people-counting and long-term “memory.”

That led to a discussion of the fact that of all the footage generated by the approximately 20 million security cameras installed in the U.S., only about 1 percent is ever analyzed — hence the need for smarter surveillance, which was a major theme for Axis at the show. Proving that Nilsson made his initial claim with tongue firmly planted in cheek, Axis announced a number of cameras the company either rolled out or highlighted at the show. Among these are the discreet AXIS P12 network camera series, the ultra-small bullet-style AXIS M2014-E network camera, the 360-degree minidome AXIS M3007-P/PV network cameras, and version 2.0 of its popular Camera Companion, which it debuted at last year’s ISC West.

Nilsson also highlighted a relationship Axis has forged with Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. Like smartphone providers, Axis also provides apps for its cameras that allow users to customize them to their unique specifications. The company offered 10 last year, a number that has grown to around 40, thanks in part to the Wentworth relationship.

Axis provided Wentworth professors and students in the college’s computer science and networking program with network video equipment and hands-on training. Two of those students, Nicholas Gelfman and Joshua Ramirez, as well as associate provost and professor Chuck Hotchkiss, accompanied Axis to ISC West to present the innovations they created over the last semester.

Gelfman created a motion-detection application that can, among other things, enable a camera to detect when an object is moving toward it to protect itself from vandalism and damage. Ramirez, who manages Wentworth’s Internet radio station, created a dynamic object- and facial-tracking application used for time-logging of recognized objects. — By Derek Rice, SDM Contributing Writer

Check SDM’s blog for a three-part blog series (with contributions from Axis’ Fredrik Nilsson, Wentworth’s Charles Hotchkiss, and student Nicholas Gelfman) on the developing relationship between Wentworth and Axis.


Samsung Hands SCIPs Weapons to Win

Earlier this year, Samsung rolled out its new Certified IP Partner (SCIP) program, a loyalty-based program that seeks to limit competition among integrators while providing them with advanced tools to win projects. During a meeting that hosted 60 SCIP dealers, the company sought to show attendees the many benefits of a partnership with Samsung.

The two-day meeting was designed specifically for salespeople to learn how to sell against Samsung’s competitors. More than 110 salespeople attended intense training to become wholly familiar with the products.

During the meeting, Frank De Fina, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Samsung Techwin America, noted that although competitors should be respected, they should never be feared. The goal of the two-day event was to provide integrators with weapons to defeat that fear by teaching them exactly who and what they’re selling against.

At the root of the program, SCIP integrators will be able to register projects, which Samsung will protect among the SCIP community. But the program is also about giving integrators margin incentives and advanced training to succeed against the competition.

It’s also about finding the right partner. Samsung spent six months interviewing integrators to find the right fit for the program, which will remain a small group.

Open Systems Integrators is one of those partners. And president Paul Facciolo walked away with confidence that as a result of the SCIP program, the company’s sales of Samsung cameras is on the rise. The preferred pricing, training and 90-day advance return policy make a big difference to OSI, Facciolo noted. Facciolo, Brian Luketina, security account executive, and CEO William Baroska are excited about the 6000 camera series (see page 137) and what it can do for education, which the company focuses on.

De Fina described the new SCIP program as “a paradigm changer for the industry. “We want to give the IP SCIP breathing room in terms of rewarding them for developing Samsung IP systems projects.” — By Sabrina Gasulla, Associate Editor


2013 SIA Government Summit

The 2013 Security Industry Association (SIA) Government Summit will be held on June 4 and 5 at the W Hotel in Washington D.C. For the past eight years, SIA has organized, sponsored and hosted this one-of-a-kind public policy and networking event. The purpose of the SIA Government Summit is to bring together all facets of the security industry: executives, integrators, sales, marketing and government relations professionals.  Many of the sessions appeal to large and small businesses, with subject matter geared towards doing business with government and gaining a better understanding of the trends facing the industry.

Author and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Bob Woodward will be the keynote speaker for the annual SIA Public Policy Dinner, which is scheduled to be held on June 4.

For information and to register, visit www.siaonline.org/summit.


Can’t Leave the Office for Tradeshows? iSecurity 2013  is for You

Free to qualified participants, the iSecurity 2013 virtual tradeshow provides an in-office tradeshow experience:

  • Attend live presentations including RMR Growth Among the SDM 100, where you will learn about trends in recurring monthly revenue among the largest channel companies in the security industry, as well as strategies for growth – presented by SDM Editor Laura Stepanek.
  • Network with contacts from all over the globe via group or private chat.
  • Download whitepapers, product videos and brochures.
  • Archived for a year, in case you can’t make it!

The tradeshow will take place online on Thursday, June 13, 2013, from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST, and you can register your whole team at www.iSecurityTradeshow.com

New features this year include live video chat with exhibitors, an exciting new exhibit hall layout, and an interactive game so you can compete with your colleagues between presentations. 


ADT Sued for ‘Unfair’ Fees, Rate Hikes

The way security customers look at alarm contracts is shifting. A number of traditional and new alarm companies have started campaigns offering security services without contracts.

In early March, an unfair business practices class action lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California against ADT Security Services on behalf of all consumers who purchased ADT home monitoring services, a press release stated.

The proposed class includes any current or past customer of ADT who was or could be charged an early termination fee. But the lawsuit also takes issue with rate increases for customers under contract and includes customers whose rates increased or could be increased without prior notice.

Lessing Gold, partner at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP and SDM’s contributing legal writer noted that early terminations are legal in California as companies are entitled to compensate for the “loss in profit” that stems from an early cancellation. Though, he added that there may be special factors involved in this claim.

The press release calls early termination fees “unlawful penalties” that provide an “anti-competitive” advantage to ADT.

Finally, the lawsuit also seeks compensation for “ADT’s pattern of unilaterally increasing alarm monitoring fees while consumers are under contract for lesser fees.” It alleges that ADT increased customer fees without providing proper notice in advance, or acquiring informed customer consent.

Plaintiffs are represented by L. Timothy Fisher of Bursor & Fisher, P.A. and the Law Office of Jana Eisinger PLLC. 


Cornerstone  Acquires EO Integrated Systems

Cornerstone Detention Products Inc., Tanner, Ala., acquired EO Integrated Systems Inc., Washington, Mich. Cornerstone specializes in the engineering, design, distribution, installation and project management of institutional detention equipment and products for the jail and prison industries at the federal, state, county, private and local levels. The acquisition furthers the strategic expansion of Cornerstone’s broad product offering with security electronics.

 EOISI provides turnkey integrated security systems, security monitoring and intrusion detection systems, as well as interfaces and integration, for a wide variety of security requirements covering all electronic security disciplines for commercial/industrial security, detention security. 

Tri-Ed Takes Show  on the Road

As part of its new Technology Roadshow, Tri-Ed hosted a day full of seminars, networking and a vendor expo at the Westin Chicago Northwest on March 21. The opening session discussed advancements in the IP video market in detail and how integrators can begin to incorporate these technologies into their systems.



Conference News

The 2013 NFPA Conference & Expo begins June 10 and concludes June 13 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center. More than 4,500 fire and life safety professionals will attend to learn about the latest technologies, newest research advances in life safety, and current building codes that affect the general public.

The annual Conference & Expo is a fire, security, electrical and life safety event for professionals who work daily to save lives and protect property. The conference offers more than 150 education sessions and nearly two dozen pre- and post-conference seminars, as well as hands-on training and networking opportunities. Concurrent tracks focus on building and life safety, codes and standards, detection and notification, emergency preparedness/business continuity, fire and emergency services, fire protection engineering, fire suppression, facility fire safety and security, green, electrical, loss control/prevention, public education and research.

The general session from 1-3 p.m. on June 10 will include Doris Kearns Goodwin, world-renowned historian and author of the best-selling book, “Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.” Goodwin will share lessons in leadership, building and maintaining teams in the midst of trying circumstances and overcoming obstacles on the path toward goals. Her book is the basis of the feature film, Lincoln, which received seven Golden Globe and 12 Oscar nominations.

The featured presentation from 8-9 a.m. on June 11 will look at fire and life safety at the Pentagon, 10 years after Sept. 11. William J. Fries III, fire marshal and supervising fire protection engineer with the U.S. Department of Defense, will be joined by Ariam Kloehn, deputy fire marshal and fire protection engineer, also with the U.S. Department of Defense.

The three-day expo features more than 320 organizations and companies exhibiting products and services related to fire protection, building and life safety systems, electrical systems and building design.

Visit www.nfpa.org/conference to read the latest show news in the NFPA blog and get content information on both the NFPA Conference & Expo and the Accessibility Expo. The NFPA also is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theNFPA. The conference mobile app will be available in May.


   News Briefs

My Alarm Center, Newtown Square, Pa., hired Jon McCormack as vice president of sales. McCormack brings expertise in enterprise class sales and systems integration that will complement My Alarm Center’s goals for organic growth and its branding strategy.

■ ■ ■


Richard Cillessen was appointed vice president and business line head, enterprise security of Siemens’ Building Technologies Division. Cillessen joined Siemens in 2000. During his years with the company, he served as project executive for several high profile accounts, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, JE Dunn Construction Headquarters, H&R Block World Headquarters, and Sporting Kansas City Stadium. Most recently, he was area general manager – western region for the division.

■ ■ ■


Code Blue Corporation, Holand, Mich., hired Mike Roark as regional sales manager for western North America. In his new role, Roark oversees relationships with rep firms and dealers covering the United States Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountains, Southwest plus all of western Canada. Roark has more than 20 years of experience in the security and technology sector with particular expertise in sales management, data, telecommunications, CCTV, access control, surveillance and networks.


■ ■ ■


Matica System hired Luca Picardi to oversee business development in Latin America, where he has years of experience working previously with Intelicard, as part of the Inteligensa Group. Picardi has nearly two decades of experience in the financial and ID card markets in Europe and South America, where he participated in setting up many different card personalization and production sites.

■ ■ ■


Samsung Techwin America, Ridgefield Park, N.J., a global supplier of video surveillance and security products, announces recent additions to its Canadian sales team. New appointments include Daniel Couillard as national sales manager and Dan Ireland as regional sales manager for central and western Canada. Joining Samsung’s family of manufacturer’s representatives is SVT Solutions of British Columbia, covering the western Canada territory.

Couillard focuses on new business development and brand extension by reaching out to integrators and end users in the Canadian security market. He also implements sales and marketing initiatives that support the Canadian team in meeting corporate objectives.

Ireland brings an accomplished skill set to his new position that includes expert technical knowledge and advanced system design competency as well as strategic account management.

■ ■ ■


Middle Atlantic Products, Fairfield, N.J., named Adam Gold as midwest regional sales manager. Gold’s territory includes Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri for all market segments. He has more than 20 years of experience in audio, video, control, automation and lighting for both the commercial AV and residential markets.

■ ■ ■


Protection 1, Chicago, promoted Jim Metz, formerly the district manager in Phoenix. Metz is the regional vice president of the north region, reporting to Paul Straten, senior vice president field operations.

■ ■ ■


My Alarm Center, Newtown Square, Pa., added marketing veteran Tammy Beil as its new vice president of marketing. Beil utilizes more than 20 years of start-up and corporate experience to help support My Alarm Center’s aggressive growth goals and U.S. market expansion. She is responsible for co-creating the company’s organic growth plan and building a new “multi-regional” consumer brand in the United States.

■ ■ ■


IC Realtime expanded its Florida headquarters to add a 20,000-square-foot integration center comprised of a showroom, training facility and expanded R&D / tech support lab. The showroom is intended for dealers to demo to their clientele. In addition, ICR will fly in dealers from around the country to experience the products and get better acquainted with the company. 


Cyber-Attack Awareness

Ackerman Security Systems, Atlanta, hosted the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation’s Security Council forum entitled “Counter-Attack” at its corporate headquarters in Atlanta. The forum featured guest speaker Steve Grimberg, deputy chief, Atlanta U.S. Attorney’s Office covering the topic of “What to do when a Cyber-attack is successful.” Also in attendance to answer questions were experts from Arnall Golden Gregory.

In the photo (left to right): Jim Callahan – president Ackerman, Steve Grimberg – Atlanta U.S. Attorney’s Office, Gary George – director of Public Safety, City of Alpharetta. 


HAI Names 350 Five-Star Dealers

HAI by Leviton, Melville, N.Y., announced the recipients of its 2013 Five-Star Dealer recognition program at ISC West.

“The annual recognition program allows us to amplify the reliable and innovative work that our installing dealers are conducting worldwide,” said Greg Rhoades, HAI by Leviton director of marketing. “This also provides HAI by Leviton with an opportunity to receive detailed feedback regarding our marketing, training and engineering efforts, helping to refine our products and support programs for our integrators and end users.”

Home and business owners across the world can easily find all local winning companies named as 2013 HAI by Leviton Five-Star Dealers by entering a zip code or selecting a country in the dealer listing database at www.homeauto.com/howtobuy.

HAI by Leviton’s annual Five-Star Dealer program was initiated in 2001 to recognize and reward select outstanding dealers. Recipients are selected based on various criteria including the number of years the dealer has been installing HAI by Leviton solutions, the number of systems installed in the previous year and unique marketing or programming solutions that involve HAI by Leviton products. 


Trade Show News

The 2013 Electronic Security Expo (ESX) has a new home this year in Nashville’s brand new Music City Center. Being held June 17 to 21, ESX promises to be the ultimate event for security integrators and monitoring companies.

A joint effort between the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) and the Electronic Security Association (ESA), the ESX’s mission is to go beyond basic product demos and allow the 200-plus vendors to have more targeted discussions with attendees, review implementation and, most importantly, the effects new services and technologies have on a company’s bottom line, profits and RMR.

ESX is exclusively designed for integrators’ and monitoring stations’ entire teams — from owners and senior executives to installation and service professionals, central station operators and sales and marketing staff.

Roy Spence, co-founder and chairman of GSD&M — an Austin, Texas-based marketing and advertising agency — is this year’s keynote speaker. Its keynote luncheon, sponsored by Security America RRG, will take place at 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday, June 19.

Spence, who has been named “Ad Man of the Year” and “Idea Man of the Century,” helped GSD&M grow some of the country’s most successful brands.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Roy Spence as this year’s featured keynote speaker,” said ESX chair George De Marco. “Inspiring and changing leaders in every sector, Roy gets owners and executives to think differently about leadership, branding and a company’s true purpose.”

“This show has the best speakers in the industry,” says Bob Bonifas, president, Alarm Detection Systems Inc.

The industry’s leading education program will feature real world advice in nearly 60 seminars, led by the top security executives from companies like: ASG, Doyle Security, Vivint, Security Central, RFI Security and Communications and more.

New to the education program in 2013 are the super sessions, which will allow speakers and attendees the time to interact and cover topics in detail, meaning more time for interaction and best practice sharing.

ESX will also cover trends and topics from the ESA MegaTrends study, which polled association members on their businesses’ finances, product selection, and future plans, showed optimism and investment in the industry.

The full conference catalog as well as registration for ESX are available at www.esxweb.com.