New Product Showcase Winners Announced

One of the most anticipated presentations made April 6, on the ISC West show floor was SIA’s New Product Showcase. The program has for years predicted, and some would say influenced, technology trends and mainstream adoption of products. NPS chair Jennifer Martin of Pixim and SIA chief executive officer (CEO) Richard Chace presented 32 awards in 21 categories including honorable mentions — the most this program has awarded to date.

The Best New Product Award went to FST21 Americas for its SafeRise intelligent access control solution. SafeRise employs facial, voice and behavioral recognition technology — what CEO Avi Lupo calls “second generation biometrics” — to secure building entry points in the commercial, residential and government spaces. He explains the term by saying that standard biometrics require an action: pressing a thumbprint, looking into an iris scanner, etc., while SafeRise can recognize a person from ten feet away without any such required actions.

“While fingerprint, hand geometry, vascular and iris technologies all provide personal identification, only SafeRise is a non-intrusive identification system,” Lupo said. “With no key, no cards, and no code, people become the key to smart access to and interaction with apartment and office buildings in the 21st century. Our vision is to be the leader in creating the future of intelligent building safety and security solutions. Based on what we have seen so far, we are well on our way. ”

Martin said, “The judges were very impressed by SafeRise’s use of some of the most innovative security technologies available. It is an excellent example of what the New Product Showcase is all about.”

Open-Area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) by Xtralis received the Judges’ Choice Award, for the “unique and/or creative application of a new product,” as Martin described. OSID provides smoke detection for large, open spaces requiring standard sensitivity detection. In its simplest configuration, OSID uses one imager, a camera-like device with a wide field of view, and a wired or battery-powered emitter roughly aligned on the opposite wall within the protected area.

The category award winners were as follows:

Best in Access Control Products: Tailgate Detector TDflex from IEE Sensing

Honorable Mention: T24 IP Video Door Station from Mobotix

Best in Biometrics, Identification and Credentialing: MiY-ID from 3M Cogent

Best in Commercial and Monitoring Solutions: Conettix D6200 Programming/Administration Software from Bosch Security Systems

Best in Convergence Solutions: Freedom from Viscount Systems

Best in Detection Controls, Devices and Sensors: VESDA ECO from Xtralis

Honorable Mention: LH-e988 from Shenzhen Longhorn Security Technology

Best in Fire/Life Safety: Gemini C-Series Combination Burg/Fire System from NAPCO Security Technologies

Best in Integrated Software, Products and Systems: Web Object Scalar from DataDirect Networks

Best in Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solutions: Blue Line Gen 2 Motion Detectors from Bosch Security Systems

Best in Network Support Solutions: OneReach PoE Extender Cabling System from Berk-Tek

Best in OEM: MegaQ from Intersil|Techwell

Best in Outdoor Perimeter Protection: Motion Tracking Light from Nightwatcher Security

Best in Public Safety Solutions: PAIR02 from Pentax Imaging

Best in Residential and Monitoring Solutions: Wireless Broadband Alarm Transmitter from ipDatatel

Best in Tools and Hardware: Image Resolution Lens Calculator Application from Theia Technologies

Honorable Mention: ABC Vault from Viscount Systems

Best in Video Analytics: iCVR-HD High Definition Camera from VideoIQ

Best in Video Storage, Distributions and Management: E3200 Physical Security Appliance from Aimetis

Honorable Mention: razberi from GVI Security

Best in Video Surveillance Advanced Imaging Technologies: VerifIR from SRI International Sarnoff

Best in Video Surveillance Cameras HD (Megapixel): AutoDome 800 Series HD PTZ Camera System from Bosch Security Systems

Honorable Mention: AV8185DN from Arecont Vision

Best in Video Surveillance Cameras Network (IP): HSD626 from Optelecom-NKF

Honorable Mention: M5014 PTZ Dome Network Camera from Axis Communications

Honorable Mention: SNC-DH180 IR Mini-Dome Network Camera from Sony Electronics

Best in Video Surveillance Hardware and Accessories: Rack Mount Modular Surge Protection from DITEK

Honorable Mention: VisionFrame Video Monitor Wall from Middle Atlantic Products

Best in Wireless: AD-Series Wireless Locking System from Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies

Honorable Mention: 8-Channel Receiver from STI-Safety Technology International



UTC Businesses Combined Under Chubb

UTC Fire & Security, Farmington, Conn., aligned its United States fire and security services businesses under the Chubb brand with the goal to provide a new, more seamless interface to customers. Multiple service entities that are part of UTC Fire & Security, including Detection Logic, Fire Systems Inc., Florida State Fire and Security and Red Hawk, are all now known as Chubb, a UTC Fire & Security Company. UTC Fire & Security is a unit of United Technologies Corp.

The U.S. businesses that will combine under the Chubb brand include Antronnix, CalProtection, Detection Logic, Diversified Fire Products, Fire Systems Inc., Florida State Fire & Security, HFP Corporation, Lane Fire & Safety, Pratt Landry Associates, John W. Polhemus, Red Hawk, and Vantronics Security Systems.

“The transition is more than changing our name — we are transforming our business and are committed to providing the highest standard of service, professionalism and quality for our customers,” said Sean Flint, president of UTC Fire & Security’s services business in the Americas.

Founded in 1818, Chubb has a rich history in the life safety and security services. With nearly 10,000 technicians and more than 400 locations, Chubb serves more than one million customers worldwide.

“Centralizing the service businesses in the United States aligns with UTC Fire & Security’s long term global strategy,” said Flint. “Our fire and security service businesses in Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands, France and Belgium have already been consolidated under the Chubb name.”



ADT Acquires PSIM Software Provider Proximex

ADT Security Services Inc. announced it acquired Proximex, which will be operated by ADT’s Commercial business.

Privately held Proximex, founded in 2004, “is known for its innovations in application software design and implementation,” ADT stated. The company’s flagship product, Surveillint, is an enterprise-class solution that joins and correlates information from disparate security systems into one centralized environment, thereby, transforming massive amounts of data into useable, actionable information, Proximex described.

John Kenning, president of ADT North America Commercial, said the new relationship with Proximex will provide enhanced service to customers and help to further position both companies for continued success.

“Going forward, PSIM will support the growth of our business by serving as a foundation for managed service offerings to our customers,” Kenning said.

Proximex will retain its branding, as well as maintain its partner and customer relationships while retaining its management team, which will continue operating from the organization’s Silicon Valley headquarters in California.



N.Y. Approves Seal for 6D Licensees

The New York Fire Alarm Association, which represents the fire alarm industry in the greater New York City Area, has successfully obtained authorization from the New York State, Department of State, Division of Licensing to permit NY State Article 6D alarm license holders the production of a raised “stamping seal” made in strict accordance with a drawing submitted by the NYFAA and approved by the State.

The seal and signature of the Article 6D Alarm Professional Licensee on a document indicates that the licensee takes professional responsibility for the work and to the best of the licensee’s knowledge and ability, the work represented in the document is accurate, in conformance with applicable codes at the time of submission and has been prepared in conformance with normal and customary standards of practice and with a view to the safeguarding of life, health, property and public welfare. The intention of this seal is not to replace or qualify as an alternate for the seal required by a registered architect or engineer. It is anticipated that use of the approved seal will benefit all parties involved where the identification and signature of a 6D Licensee is required on documents.

The request by the NYFAA for documented state approval of the production of a “seal/stamp” for NY State Licensed Alarm Professionals was precipitated by a provision in the new NYC Fire Code that permits N.Y. State licensed alarm professionals to sign and seal attesting to the functional operation of fire alarm systems per the I/O matrix.

The NYFAA embarked on this campaign to express to the Department of State the importance of a state-authorized stamp/seal for 6D holders. After several months of communications and prototype “seal” drawings being submitted by the NYFAA, the state accepted and approved the final submittal.

The NYFAA expresses its appreciation to the New York State, Department of State for its recognition of the industry.



We’re off to See the Wizard — at the State of the Industry

When approaching room 502 of the Sands Convention Center for ISC West’s State of the Industry presentation, there was a noticeable sprinkling of yellow scarf- or tie-attired ISC West personnel throughout the registration level calling out directions one could follow to the State of the Market. Once inside room 502, not only did the yellow scarves add to the festive atmosphere in the standing-room only room, but they also brought to mind the lyrics from The Wizard of Oz to “follow the yellow brick road.”

Every year the State of the Industry attempts to look at where the security industry is at and this year the task fell to moderator Sandy Jones, Sandra Jones & Co., and panelists Mike Howard, general manager/chief security officer, Microsoft; Carey Boethel, vice president, Siemens Building Technologies Inc., Security Solutions Business Unit; Jamie Rosand Haenggi, chief marketing and customer experience officer, Protection 1; and Bill Taylor, president, Panasonic System Networks Co. of America (PSNA).

Jones offered the first caution of the presentation before she asked the panelist the first question, admonishing attendees in her introduction that, “This is not a technology business. At the end of the day it is about serving customers and their needs.”

While that is true, the technology is hard to ignore, and in fact, it was a frequently visited area of the presentation, with the cloud, broadband, apps, digitization of information and plenty of other technologies staying top of mind for the panelists — but so was a consistent caution to avoid letting technology get in the way of strategic business decisions that are right for you and your customers — or to let it diminish your customers’ experience in any way.

“You have to stay in front of the rapid pace of the technology development,” said Boethel. “However, you have to maintain equal efficiency and progressiveness.”

Howard also discussed harnessing technology correctly. While he pointed to the cloud as a “huge” opportunity not to be missed, he also pointed to a strategic approach.

“I’m not a huge technology guy, but when I look to the future, I see the migration to the cloud as something that is going to be huge. We’re all in when it comes to the cloud, so the real question is how do you migrate there successfully and what does it really mean for your business? That’s the challenge. There is so much out there that you have to carefully find what fits for your company and have a strategic mindset when it comes to technology,” said Howard.

Service and an end-user focus did have a notable place in the participants’ advice, with Taylor advising to “provide flexible security solutions that grow with your customers’ changing security needs,” while Haenggi emphasized the ease of experience for customers and maintaining an emphasis on a security platform that engages customers.

“In the past we’ve been afraid to engage customers, almost as if we’re afraid it will remind them they’re paying us RMR, but customers do see value in relationships with companies they buy things from,” said Haenggi.

The final question asked participants to share one piece of advice for companies to be more successful.

Boethel suggested to focus more on partnerships that can be created; Howard emphasized getting people to see the “value add” your business can offer, which opens up a “seat at the table” with the customer; Taylor shared an emphasis on bringing multiple technologies together to create flexible solutions and also embracing the dynamic changes in the industry; and Haenggi shared a passion for the home and the life safety aspect of security.

“Be passionate. I love this industry. I look at the alarms we take on a daily basis. It keeps me focused on life safety, it keeps it real, and it keeps me passionate. Every day we go into work and we get to make a difference and have the chance to save a life,” said Haenggi.

That’s a great reason to keep up the journey through the ever-changing technology and financial landscape, and keep traversing the security “yellow brick road” we’re all on. — By Heather Klotz-Young, Senior Editor



The Times They Are A-Changin’

Bob Dylan’s famous lyrics aptly apply to the state of communications technologies in the security industry, pointed out Jim Lovinggood of Blue Ridge Security, Anderson, S.C., in a presentation called “The Reality of Changing Communications” at Springfield, Mo.-based Digital Monitoring Products’ (DMP) Dealer Forum held Tuesday, April 5, in Las Vegas before ISC West.

Lovinggood shared Blue Ridge’s transition from phones lines to radio-only installations. “When we made the decision to transition to only radio we thought it was the right idea at the time. Now, looking back on it, I’m not so sure that it wasn’t the best idea we ever had,” said Lovinggood.

Lovinggood was one of many presenters at DMP’s Dealer Forum. In another technology-focused session, Jon Adams, customer operations center manager at Atlas Security Service Inc., Springfield, Mo., shared the company’s addition of managed access to its service offerings and laid out a well-presented, strong case for the technology. The two biggest payoffs Adams emphasized were the recurring monthly revenue (RMR) and increased customer loyalty.

“We’re all looking for RMR and at Atlas we have found no better way of generating more revenue and developing customer loyalty than managed access.”

Audrey Pierson, DMP’s director of sales for the western region, led a sales-focused workshop on creating word pictures that sell, helping dealers learn how to help prospects visualize the real-world benefits security systems can create for them.

In a lively “Voice of the Customer” session, attendees at the forum brainstormed new products they’d like to see DMP develop. One of the top requests? A wireless carbon monoxide (CO)/smoke detector with a replaceable CO chamber; a wired keypad with a wireless receiver built in; Z-Wave technology; and an iPhone/Android app.

From the the energetic buzz in the room surrounding the topic of new products, one thing is for sure, technology is definitely a-changin’ — and the industry is ready to capitalize on it.

For more information on DMP, visit — By Heather Klotz-Young, SDM Senior Editor



ISC West Introduces First Security Professional Advisory Board

The ISC portfolio of events announced the formation of the ISC Premier Security Professional Advisory Board consisting of representation from every security professional group. The mission of the board is to provide input, ideas and insights into shaping the future of the ISC portfolio of events.

The first meeting of the board took place at ISC West and a future meeting will be held during Security Week, the series of interrelated security events taking place this Fall: Securing New Ground, Security 500, and ISC Solutions. An additional strategy meeting will take place mid-year.

The following security professionals make up the inaugural ISC Premier Security Professional Advisory Group:

• Carey Boethel, vice president, Security Solutions, Siemens

• Tony Byerly, COO, Stanley Convergent Systems

• Marty Guay, president and COO, Niscayah

• Jay Hauhn, vice president, Technology & Industry Relations, ADT, North America

• Mike Howard, general manager, Global Security, Microsoft

• Sandy Jones, principal, Sandra Jones & Co.

• Mark McCourt, publisher, SDM & Security

• Ray Thrower, director of Safety & Security, Gustavus Adolphus College

• Matt Westphal, president, Bay Alarm Company

• Steven Harback, senior physical security manager, DHS, Borders & Customs

• Jason Sokol, Monitor Controls Inc., Connecticut Alarm & Systems Integrators Association (CASIA)



Security Corp. Named Honeywell’s Dealer of the Year, at CSS Forum

Honeywell held its annual, day-long CSS Forum at the Venetian Hotel during ISC West, demonstrating through its well-crafted agenda the strong support it offers dealers who are part of the company’s Commercial Security Systems program.

The attendance at the CSS Forum was the best yet, with about 120 people from 60 dealer companies present, said Wayne Bro, dealer development manager, Honeywell Authorized Dealer Network, CSS.

“It is exciting to see how fast the Honeywell CSS program is growing,” commented JoAnna Sohovich, president, Honeywell Security & Communications, Americas Region. “The dealers are very much engaged in driving business growth through new technology and business operations improvement programs.

“We’ve heard testimonies from dealers who benefitted from Honeywell’s integrated lead generation programs and multiple RMR opportunities, and we intend to continue to invest in these areas for our CSS partners. In addition to the testimonies, I am very impressed by the free sharing of ideas and best practices that can help each and every dealer in the program,” Sohovich said.

The sharing of best practices among dealers was just one of many sessions that took place at the CSS Forum, which also included a presentation on risk allocation in security contracts by attorney Eric Pritchard; new business opportunities in houses of worship; Internet marketing and lead generation, and more.

Wayne Bro covered trends in managed services, stressing how in the current economy there are fewer jobs and those installations are less profitable — the message to dealers being, “We need to be growing our RMR.”

Honeywell’s Gordon Hope and Dean Mason discussed the changing landscape of alarm and fire communication; and Hope presented the streamlined look and feel of the new Total Connect 2.0.

The Forum was a place for acknowledgement and recognition, as well. Among the many awards announced was the Honeywell CSS Dealer of the Year, which was given to Security Corp., Novi, Mich. — By Laura Stepanek, Editor



Optelecom-NKF Renamed Following Merger With TKH Group

Optelecom-NKF Inc., manufacturer of Siqura® and Optelecom video surveillance solutions, was renamed on April 1, 2011 as a result of its recent merger with the Dutch company, TKH Group. The merger between TKH Group and Optelecom-NKF was made definite on Jan. 27, 2011.

Over the past two years, Optelecom-NKF positioned nearly all its surveillance solutions under the Siqura brand name, with the exception of its Optelecom fiber optic line in the United States. Once the merger with TKH Group was made definite, it was decided to rename Optelecom-NKF.

In order to effectively market the existing Siqura and Optelecom brands as well as the TKH Security Solutions offering in the Americas, the Optelecom-NKF U.S. office will be renamed TKH Security Solutions USA Inc. The EMEA offices will be named Siqura and the company headquarters will be relocated to Gouda, the Netherlands.

TKH Group in the Netherlands is an internationally active group of companies that specializes in creating and supplying innovative telecom, building and industrial solutions. TKH Group has more than 3,500 employees and security systems comprise approximately 10 percent of TKH Group’s yearly business.

Optelecom-NKF asserted that throughout this transition period, business will continue as usual so as not to disrupt operations for its customers.



Mission 500 Presents 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility & Humanitarian Awards

Mission 500, a non-profit initiative driven by the security professionals dedicated to serving the needs of children and communities in crisis, recognized Pelco by Schneider Electric as the 2011 Mission 500 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award winner. Additionally, Barbara Holliday of Monitronics received the 2011 Mission 500 Humanitarian Award. The awards were presented at a cocktail reception during ISC West.

The purpose of the Mission 500 CSR Award is to honor companies in the security industry that make important contributions to those in need. Pelco by Schneider Electric has a long tradition of helping those in need via its Community Partnership Program that recruits employees and their families to actively participate in charity events in the community. Additionally, Pelco by Schneider Electric Community Partnership Volunteers participate in many environmental projects like tree planting and installing solar panels on low-income housing, as part of the company’s Go Green effort. Pelco by Schneider Electric employees logged in over 20,000 hours of community volunteering in 2010 to support these initiatives.

Barbara Holliday, director of dealer services for Monitronics Security and recipient of the 2011 Humanitarian Award, is an advocate volunteer at The Turning Point (a Rape Crisis Center serving North Texas for more than 25 years). She dedicated more than 400 hours of her time in 2010 alone volunteering to support the organization and giving back to survivors in need.

Holliday is a sponsor of Women for Women International, an organization that puts funds directly into the hands of women in war zones and poverty stricken areas, and provides educational and work programs. She is also a volunteer judge for the FCCLA STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Events, which is a program that uplifts high school children in mostly rural areas by challenging them to compete in categories such as advocacy, entrepreneurship, environmental ambassadorship, leadership and more.



IP Video Surveillance Company Appoints New President & CEO

DVTel Inc., Ridgefield Park, N.J., announced the appointment of Yoav Stern as president and chief executive officer (CEO). Stern will also serve as a director on DVTel’s board. He replaced Eli Gorovici, who will be stepping down after almost 10 years in the position. Gorovici will remain involved in DVTel as an advisor to the CEO, and will help supervise certain strategic projects.

“I would like to thank Eli for his many years of work as president and CEO of DVTel. Under his leadership, the company grew from a good idea to one of the most significant players in the security industry with thousands of customers around the world,” said Yaron Eitan, DVTel’s chairman and a partner at the private equity firm SCP Partners, which is the majority shareholder of DVTel.

Stern has substantial experience in the homeland security industry. He was CEO of an international publicly traded company in the homeland security business, and lately served as an advisor to the boards, shareholders and management teams of a number of large international corporations and private equity firms. Stern served for 25 years of active and reserve duty in the Air Force, where he was heavily involved with advanced avionics and aerospace technologies.

“The shareholders of DVTel are excited to welcome Yoav Stern, a seasoned executive who brings proven experience,” said Eitan.



New ADT Commercial Facility to Showcase Cutting-Edge Networked Solutions to Customers

Security systems integrator, ADT Commercial, recently opened its state-of-the-art, $1.5 million Integrated Solutions Center (ISC) in Aurora, Colo. where customers can engage with ADT leaders and subject matter experts in customized settings to learn more about ADT solutions.

Located within ADT’s flagship customer monitoring center, the 6,500-square-foot ISC offers three vertical market showrooms. Two are permanently set up to exhibit the latest security technology in retail and banking. The third area is capable of evolving into a simulation of ADT’s other major vertical markets: chemical, education, food defense, government and healthcare.

The center includes a glass-encased conference room and a centrally located telepresence meeting room with seating for up to 20 people.

John Kenning, president of ADT Commercial, said the new center offers a highly immersive experience for customers, allowing them to see the latest IP-based, networked security technology and services in an environment that realistically simulates their own industry.

The ISC is available to ADT’s national account managers to host strategic meetings. Each visit is highly customized and choreographed to meet the individual needs of each guest, according to Sarah Konwiser, group director of marketing services for ADT Commercial.

“Planning for each visit starts nearly a month in advance to create the ideal agenda for each customer,” Konwiser said. “A well-executed visit means that ADT Commercial can strengthen its business relationships and allow us to capture the voice of our customer to gain a better understanding of their needs.”

ADT plans to expand its centers of excellence concept by adding ISCs on the East and West Coasts in the future.



Stanley CSS Purchases Savannah-Based Dealer

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions Inc. (Stanley CSS), Naperville, Ill., purchased Electronic Protection Network Inc. (doing business as Sonitrol of Savannah), a Sonitrol dealer since 2002, located in Savannah, Ga. The sale includes mostly commercial accounts including retail, restaurant, industrial, banking and education customers being serviced throughout Georgia. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

Stanley CSS plans to retain the Savannah location, Felix Gonzales, vice president of strategic initiatives and business development at Stanley CSS, told SDM. “In fact that’s one of the strategic reasons for the acquisition,” Gonzales said. “If you look at Georgia, CSS has maintained an Atlanta office and last year we purchased a Sonitrol branch in the north. This acquisition allows us to go ahead and have a direct channel for customers in Savannah and the surrounding area. For us it really is an expansion of our Sonitrol capabilities through a direct channel, allowing us to continue to mainstream our Sonitrol offering.”

Gonzales also commented the company is very pleased with the employees in design, service and customer support that came on board with the acquisition.

Tony Byerly, president, Stanley CSS North America and United Kingdom Direct, said, “As a Sonitrol franchise, the acquisition of Electronic Protection Network is a natural fit for us. Stanley has more than 52,000 customers using the Sonitrol technology across North America and the United Kingdom, so we’re happy to be adding Sonitrol of Savannah’s customers to the Stanley family.”



AICC Subcommittee Drafts Licensing Bill for Monitoring

A newly formed subcommittee of the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC) is already hard at work to develop a nationally recognized monitoring license. The committee unanimously voted to move forward with the extensively deliberated national licensing initiative and decided to create the subcommittee to focus its energy on central monitoring companies engaged in interstate commerce. The AICC deems these companies a particular portion of the industry that appears to have been an afterthought in otherwise well-developed state and local legislature. The subcommittee is co-chaired by Jim McMullen from C.O.P.S. Monitoring and Bill Cooper from ADT.



Milestone Offers Open Learning At Annual Symposium

At the ninth annual Milestone Integration Partner Symposium (MIPS) conference hosted by Milestone Systems, Copenhagen, the open platform company in IP video management software, the focus was channel training, networking and knowledge sharing.

Attendee Mark McCourt, publisher of SDM, noted several interesting trends presented:

• IP video surveillance systems are now in 50 percent of systems with more than 32 cameras (large enterprises) in the United States.

• Analog makes up 80 percent of the less than 16 camera installations.

• The IP video market is at $2.5 billion and will exceed $25 billion by 2020.

• The speeding adoption of IP can be in part attributed to the technology itself (business functionality, scalability and total cost of ownership), the severe recession three years ago leveraging technology to reduce headcount, and the improved education and knowledge among buyers.

The conference was held March 2-4 in San Antonio. More than 200 people attended from the Milestone ecosystem of distributors, systems integrators, consultants, Manufacturer Alliance Partners and Milestone Solution Partners.

The first day of the gathering was devoted to training courses in sales and technical know-how for the high-end XProtect® Video Management Software (VMS) offerings, and for the Milestone Integration Platform SDK, used for integrating third-party systems and devices. The remaining days included top management reports and guest speakers. A record number of exhibitors introduced their latest offerings to the Milestone channel partners in the Technology Showcase.

Lars Thinggaard, president and chief executive officer of Milestone Systems, presented the first keynote speech covering the company’s historical progress, current status and future prospects for growing business through open platform integrations.



ScanSource Founder Rejoins Board

ScanSource Inc., Greenville, S.C., an international value-added distributor of specialty technology products, announced the appointment of Steven Owings to its board of directors. Owings is one of the original founders of ScanSource Inc. and previously served as chairman of the board of directors from the company’s inception in December 1992 until December 2005, when he reduced his workload due to medical reasons. Owings also served as chief executive officer of ScanSource Inc. from December 1992 until January 2000. Owings resigned his strategic advisor employee role and retired from employment with the company in March 2011. On March 16, 2011, Owings was elected to serve on the board as a non-employee director.

“We are pleased that Steve has agreed to rejoin the ScanSource Inc. board of directors,” said Steve Fischer, chairman, ScanSource Inc. “Our board benefitted greatly from Steve’s previous leadership, and we believe the company and its shareholders will again benefit from his knowledge of the company and its management team, his wealth of industry knowledge and his strategic vision.”

With Owings’ appointment, the membership of ScanSource Inc.’s board of directors expanded from five to six members.