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Companies ranked on the SDM  100 Report describe putting security-as-a-service into action.  A financial expert describes why there has been a sustained wave  of investment in the alarm industry.

My column last year in this issue described how SDM 100 companies were rolling out security-as-a-service to meet customers’ needs and develop a broader base of recurring monthly revenue (RMR). Security-as-a-service — which often is cloud-based — “not only provides customers with a consistent pay structure for ongoing services, as well as convenience and scalability, but it also enables security companies to develop a subscription-based business model not unlike alarm monitoring,” I stated at that time.

A year later — scrutinizing the 2013 SDM 100 (see page 47) — we see the security-as-a-service model put into action. Hosted and managed services, although they only averaged 2 percent of service revenue among SDM 100 companies, was a recurrent theme among dealers and integrators when citing the important work they did for their clients in 2012.

As an example, “ASG installed an enterprise-wide hosted video system for Texas Title Loans across 10 customer locations, enabling the customer to view live and recorded video and audio (with consent) of customer loan transactions from a PC or mobile device from video streamed and stored off-site in the cloud. This helped the customer achieve their internal requirements for security, auditing and training, and generated a significant RMR contract for ASG,” noted ASG Security, ranked No. 11.

Interface Security Systems Holdings, which last year integrated its acquisition of Westec Intelligent Surveillance into the business, noted that it grew RMR by 34 percent in 2012.

At The Protection Bureau, ranked No. 66, the focus was on fully integrated managed services, including remote management of access control, video alarm monitoring, elevator floor control, and virtual doorman with remote-release ability.

One of the highlights of this report is the article contributed by John Mack of Imperial Capital, titled, “The Financial Community Assesses Change in the SDM 100,” on page 52. Mack discusses how, in addition to consolidation, an increase in company size among the SDM 100 is being driven organically by increased market penetration and average-revenue-per-unit due to the introduction and adoption of enhanced services, such as remote video monitoring and Web-based home automation services.

Check out the 2013 SDM 100, beginning on page 47, and let us know what appeals to you about this exclusive report.

SDM 100 8th Annual Gala

All security professionals are invited to join us as we honor the 2013 SDM 100 companies at the eighth annual SDM Gala, to be held on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tenn. This year’s Gala will have an Around the World theme. See  page 162 for details about how to purchase tickets in advance.


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