IRcorrectedlensMarshall Electronics released a new line of 2-megapixel IR-corrected miniature Lenses. These lenses offer a cost-effective solution for day/night imaging applications, as well as any application where several light sources are present.

The two lenses just released include:

  • V-4702.9-2MP-VIS-IR 2.9mm F2.0-2MP VIS-IR Corrected Lens
  • V-4704.0-2MP-VIS-IR 4.0mm F2.0-2MP VIS-IR Corrected Lens


The lenses offer 2MP image quality, sharp focus and low distortion at near zero light. IR correction allows the lenses to pick up detailed images in virtual darkness. Without IR correction, the focus of the lens would shift as light changed from day to night, or visible to infrared wavelengths. The lenses maintain a fixed focus position from Near UV 400nm to Near IR 1,000nm.

2 MP Visible – IR corrected miniature lenses are well-suited for machine vision, security, process applications, and automation. Day/night function and IR correction offer round-the-clock monitoring capability without the need to refocus the lens.

Each lens features an M12 mount and is compatible with any camera incorporating Omnivision OV2715 2MP 1/2.7” and Sony IMX036 3.23MP 1/2.8” sensors.

The lenses are built with glass optics and anodized aluminum housings.

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