Seco-Larm is offering several long-range IR day/night cameras with specialized lenses. All use the Sony 1/3 CCD chip with 420 TV lines at a very low lux with 24 LEDs. Additionally, the cameras incorporate automatic backlight compensation, automatic white balance and automatic gain control. Made of die-cast aluminum with a weatherproof (IP67) design with sunscreen, these cameras are designed for indoor and outdoor applications requiring IR illumination. The lenses and their approximate viewing angles are EV-1323C12DWL 6.0mm lens with a 53-degree viewing angle; EV-132C-DWL8, 8.0mm lens with a 39-degree viewing angle; EV-132C-DWLD 12.0mm lens with a 26-degree viewing angle; and EV-132C-DWLH 16.0mm lens with a 19-degree viewing angle.

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