Security systems integrators manage a diverse set of projects with demanding requirements. Their suppliers play a chief role in helping them meet those requirements and exceed their customers’ expectations. Integrators carefully select their suppliers, looking for those who will strengthen their efforts in selling and implementing security and related solutions.

So, which manufacturers and distributors are behind the Top Systems Integrators, supporting them with the products, solutions and services that have helped make them successful?

SDM asked each of the 2013 Top Systems Integrator companies to disclose the top three manufacturers and top three distributors that earn their business, based on volume purchased. The resulting lists, on the left, demonstrate that these integrators rely on a wide variety of suppliers with a wealth of resources, such as integrated solutions, training, loyalty programs, and more.

 These brand-usage lists were compiled from the 2013 Top Systems Integrators Report. Earlier this year, integrators were instructed to list their top three suppliers (both manufacturers and distributors, unprompted) in order of volume purchased from them. Of the 124 companies ranked on the Top Systems Integrators Report, 111 of them provided this information. SDM combined all of their responses, and ranked the manufacturers and distributors by the number of mentions each received, with the manufacturer or distributor receiving the greatest number of mentions listed first, and so on. (Note that the larger systems integration companies were less likely to provide this information than the smaller companies.)