There’s opportunity out there, and it’s just a doorknob away. Access control has gone main stream, it’s no longer just for commercial buildings and businesses. Personal protection and safety are getting more and more attention these days and people are looking for a way to monitor and manage entry to their home.

Today there are numerous manufacturers offering a wide variety of affordable door locks and gate controls. Add to this the ability for them to integrate with the home automation or security system, and access control is a natural to add to your company’s offerings. For the electronics “installer,” “technician,” “integrator,” “manager,” “provider,” “consultant,” “concierge” or whatever our profession is being called today, access control falls in our realm. Be the “value-add” by helping your customers add access control or upgrade and incorporate it into existing systems.

Where to start? Here’s an easy 1-2-3 plan to get you up and running with access control.

1.      DECIDE      (6 hours estimated time)

a.       Research options, explore technologies and brands.

b.       Decide on technology to be used (Z-Wave, Zigbee, or other).

c.       Select the brand and preferred product model to use, remember the fewer manufacturers and product models your company installs, the more focused and proficient your team will be with installation, troubleshooting and service.

2.      LEARN      (8 hours estimated time)

a.       Install the door lock at the office or in your home.

b.       Integrate it with your security or home automation system.

c.       Set up the system to notify you when accessed, perhaps turn on a recorder and capture the user on camera video, or enable access codes/cards based on day, time, etc.

d.       Experience having access control so you can share the benefits with potential customers.

3.      MARKET  (6 hours estimated time)

a.       Develop messaging that describes the new offer.

b.       Reach out to existing customers.

c.       Create marketing plan for new customers.

d.       Market and close sales.


With just a 20-hour investment, revenues and profits can grow, and offerings expand with access control. Still not sure? Consider the following: high margins, short installation time, competitive advantage, typically requires no license for installation, opportunity for annual maintenance contract and potential recurring revenue. We all like these things.

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