Linear LLC, Carlsbad, Calif., a provider of residential and commercial access control, security and health and wellness solutions, is hosting the Z-Wave Alliance Unplug Fest & Developers Forum session at its Carlsbad headquarters on November 12-14, 2013. The Developer's Forum & Unplug Fest is a three-day technical event with trainings, networking and a first look at the new Z-Wave Next Gen 500 series. Linear is a principal member of the Z-Wave Alliance, a consortium of global companies that oversees the world's largest interoperable ecosystem for wireless home control products and services.

Linear's offices are an ideal location for the forum because, with 2GIG, the company is the largest user of Z-Wave products in the world according to Z-Wave chip maker Sigma Designs. A recent expansion to a second office in Carlsbad also equipped Linear with new facilities to support the technical and training needs of members bringing new products to test with other vendor's equipment. In recent years, Unplug Fest has helped spread the latest information on Z-Wave protocol and platform extensions while providing a learning opportunity, both personally and professionally, for all engineers participating.

The three-day event kicks off with two days of technical sessions where attendees will get a first look at the new Z-Wave Next Gen 500 series. The new product portfolio enables Z-Wave manufacturers and smart home service providers to bring new products to market substantially faster and at lower cost, with customizable reference designs and new hardware featuring higher performance and more memory. Forum attendees will also learn about Z-Wave Plus certification, programming and testing as well as development tips and tricks.

"As the world's largest user of Z-Wave products and one of the Alliance's Principle Members, we're eager to have so many Z-Wave engineers and developers together at once sharing knowledge and collaborating on exciting new home control technologies," said Duane Paulson, senior vice president of product and market development for Linear. "The progress made during this event will be a glimpse into the future of home control."

Admittance to the Developer's Forum & Unplug Fest is open exclusively to technical personnel from registered Z-Wave Alliance Principal and Full Members for a participation fee of $125 per attendee. The plenary breakfast, working groups, and cocktail reception are open to all members and are free-of-charge to attend. A complete event agenda is included on the Z-Wave Alliance website, registration for the event is now open.

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