GainSpan ® Corporation, San Jose, Calif.,. a provider of ultra-low power Wi-Fi connectivity for the Internet of Things, announced that home and commercial automation control solutions provider Savant Systems chose GainSpan Wi-Fi technology for its new SmartLighting Wi-Fi® control system. The system gives users lighting control and energy monitoring capability from a smartphone, and can be integrated without rewiring the home or commercial facility.

Savant's SmartLighting Wi-Fi comprises lighting-control keypads that connect to a Wi-Fi network, providing on/off, dimming, and energy monitoring. The controllers work with any lamp/lighting fixture, allowing the user to turn a light into a Wi-Fi controllable fixture.  Once installed, the new switch provides physical buttons for light control, and can be controlled from a computer or smartphone. Savant is targeting its networked lighting control for the commercial marketplace in applications such as having conference room lights turn on just before a meeting or having predetermined facility lights turn off once the security system has been activated, reducing energy costs.

“Lighting control, when integrated with automation, is quickly becoming an essential smart home and building application. By using Wi-Fi we've designed an elegant and versatile product that simplifies installation, reduces labor costs and expands intelligent lighting control possibilities to areas such as renovation and high bay applications that traditionally have been challenging,” said James Carroll, executive vice president corporate strategy and business development, Savant Systems.  “We originally selected GainSpan's ultra-low power Wi-Fi for a prototype remote control. We liked the module's small form factor, versatility and full set of Wi-Fi features so much that we felt it would be ideal for the keypad and switch in our flagship lighting control line.”

SmartLighting Wi-Fi takes advantage of GainSpan's low-power Wi-Fi and the company's proprietary firmware provided to run on the module. The firmware offers complete Wi-Fi functionality including security, networking stack and advanced networking features/services not readily available with other Wi-Fi modules such as enterprise security, embedded servers (HTTP, DHCP and DNS servers), service and device discovery (mDNS and DNS/SD), XML parsing, and Over-the-Air firmware upgrades, as well as WPS and other provisioning features.  

The GS1011MEES module, which was selected by Savant, is one of the smallest on the market.  At just 19.4 mm x 28.7 mm, the module provides a significant reduction in footprint and offers an easy and cost-effective way to integrate Wi-Fi into products.

“We're delighted to collaborate with Savant in this important market segment — one that represents a significant source of energy consumption in residential and commercial applications,” said Bernard Aboussouan, vice president of marketing, GainSpan. “Lighting control is also as much about convenience as it is about conserving power, and wireless control through a smartphone provides the ultimate in convenience.  Wi-Fi is unique in being IP-based and found in every smartphone, making it the ideal solution in building lighting control.”