The Full List

1.      Video Surveillance: The Star Markets for 2014. IHS predicts fixed-dome and 180-/360-degree network cameras as the fastest growing product segments, and the city surveillance and utilities/energy sectors as the fastest growing markets.

2.      Big Data: Crowd Sourcing Video Surveillance and Social Media Analytics. “Crowd sourced” data following the Boston Marathon bombings was the first used for an investigation. IHS predicts police will increasingly use this resource and need help managing video surveillance data from smartphones, cameras and social media apps.

3.      Cloud Based Video Surveillance Opens Markets in China. With more than 1 billion potential users in China, and improving telecom infrastructure and network bandwidth and the demand for civil video surveillance, the market can represent great opportunity.

4.      Thermal Cameras Hit the Commercial Market. The video surveillance product market that will see the largest average selling price decline during the next few years will be the un-cooled thermal camera market, according to IHS. Increased competition, new products, and new end-user markets will mean 2014 is a breakthrough year for the technology.

5.      Panoramic Cameras – Providing the Full Picture. Global shipments are forecast to increase by more than 60 percent year-over-year.

6.      Power over Ethernet: Watt’s the Story? Focus will increase on network infrastructure as the transition to network video surveillance continues. IHS expects that security camera manufacturers will expand low-powered cameras to conform to the POE+ standard. Technologies that overcome the distance limitations of Ethernet and POE also will find general market acceptance.

7.      Is it Time for a Different View on Live Video and Mobile Access? With costs dropping and a refocus on protection in the post-Sandy Hook school shooting era, 2014 could be the year when live streaming of video surveillance to law enforcement becomes the norm.

8.      Video Analytics Market Reaches a Fork in the Road. In 2014, video surveillance devices with chargeable video content analytics (VCA) will continue to grow in applications where the end-user needs advanced reliable analytics.

9.      Security Cameras to Make Some Noise in 2014. IHS predicts that the market will see greater emphasis on the audio capabilities of video surveillance systems in 2014.

10.  Video Surveillance Vendors to Enter New Markets. IHS expects new product and service announcements from network-focused security companies, adding new revenue streams to their portfolios.