Acadian Monitoring Services LLC is experiencing significant growth in its monitoring division, the company reported, a large part of which is the result of a partnership with one of the largest and fastest-growing medical alarm retailers in the country. To accommodate this growth, Acadian has added medical alarm dispatchers, alarm dispatchers and alarm consoles to its Lafayette, La., central station, in addition to moving its Baton Rouge, La., location to a larger facility.

The new Baton Rouge location will provide Acadian Monitoring Services with triple the space it had at its previous location, allowing for the hire of more alarm dispatchers, and will bring Acadian Monitoring Services to the same building as other Acadian divisions such as the National EMS Academy and Acadian Ambulance’s Baton Rouge operations.

“I am overwhelmed with excitement. This new building opens the doors for endless possibilities and growth,” said Acadian Monitoring Services’ Baton Rouge Manager, Christie Brinkman.

Because of this growth, Acadian Monitoring has improved and enhanced its services to better meet its customers’ needs. One service enhancement is the use of the medical software ProQA and AQUA to directly assist customers having medical emergencies. While all dispatchers in the company’s medical monitoring central station are trained on using ProQA and AQUA, Acadian Monitoring has all emergency situations handled by one of its EMT-B dispatchers whenever possible. Use of this software is a direct result of the central station being located right next to its parent company’s (Acadian Ambulance Service Inc.) dispatch center, where it has been utilized for more than 20 years.

“When an emergency arises, we take care of our customers by providing them with the highest level of care possible until the paramedics arrive,” said Acadian Monitoring Services President, Blane Comeaux. “Our monitoring centers are staffed with Emergency Medical Dispatch-certified EMTs and paramedics. The training our medical monitoring dispatchers receive meets and exceeds criteria set by the Association of EMS Physicians. Our dispatchers are certified and trained to provide pre-arrival assistance for most medical emergencies using industry-leading protocols.”

 Acadian Monitoring Services’ most recent service enhancement is providing Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) fulfillment to its dealers. With more than 20 years of experience in the PERS industry, Acadian is using this knowledge to assist other firms by handling the technical assistance and service work aspect of the medical alert business.