The AllSeen Alliance, San Francisco, a new cross-industry consortium to advance the Internet of Everything, announced that 10 more companies — AT&T Digital Life, Affinegy, GOWEX, iControl Networks, Kii, Muzzley, Patavina Technologies, 2lemetry, Tuxera and Vestel Group — joined the initiative.

The addition brings to 35 the number of top consumer electronics manufacturers, home appliance makers, service providers, retailers, enterprise technology companies, innovative startups and chipset manufacturers that have banded together under the AllSeen Alliance.

AllSeen Alliance members are collaborating on an open software framework, based on the AllJoyn open source project, that allows devices and systems to seamlessly discover, dynamically connect and interact with nearby products regardless of brand, transport layer, platform or operating system. 

Better interoperability is a requirement to enable autonomous sharing of information and coordinated, intelligent operations across multiple devices and systems – a state of connectedness that Gartner predicts will add $1.9 trillion to the global economy by 2020.The AllSeen Alliance was formed in December by a group of companies and The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and collaborative development.