To celebrate its one-year anniversary, AT&T Digital Life is offering incentives to both new and existing customers, who want to add a home automation service. The deals include $0 upfront fees for a Digital Life Smart Security package, as standard equipment and installation ($249.99) will be received at no cost, plus Smart Security customers will receive 50 percent off standard equipment costs with the purchase of various automation packages, such as door, energy and water detection packages. “Adding more ways to control your home through your security system should be simple,” said Kevin Petersen, president, AT&T Digital Life. “We built our service around the customer, with ease-of-use as paramount as security.”
            Digital Life has achieved a CSAA Five Diamond Certification, meaning that 100 percent of Digital Life central station operators have achieved proficiency and certification by passing the CSAA Central Station On-Line Operator Training Course. Across the industry, there are approximately 2,700 companies or central stations in the United States, which communicate and interact with law enforcement and fire and emergency services agencies.  Of this group, only 5 percent of central stations in the United States have achieved the CSAA Five Diamond Certified status.
            A&T’s Digital Life is available in 75 U.S. markets (with over 1,200 company-owned retail stores) including seven new markets in the following locations: Corpus Christi, Texas, Fayetteville, Ark., Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Youngstown, Ohio, Charleston, S.C., Topeka, Kan. and Stockton, Calif.