BCD_GenetecBCDVideo, Booth 23027 (Genetec)– BCDVideo is introducing its 6U 280TB Genetec-ready storage server, a dual-channel storage controller architecture that allows for a second cabinet, providing capacity for up to 560TB of 6G SAS storage in a mere 11U of valuable rack space.  As with all BCDVideo servers, this unit utilizes 6G SAS technology and comes standard with a five-year worldwide on-site warranty, provided by HP. In addition, this unit can easily handle up to 550MB/s of ingested bandwidth and its processors offer a superior 14,000 Passmark benchmark rating. As with BCDVideo’s 2U and up to 48TB Nova Series, this new high-density server has been Genetec-Tested for Security Center 5.2 SR3. The solution is perfect for those installations with a high number of high-resolution cameras needing long retention, such as airports, arenas, citywide, Homeland Security, and casinos.

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